Campus Color Line - Eddie R. Cole

Campus Color Line

College Presidents and the Struggle for Black Freedom

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«Cole’s lucid and pragmatic description of networks of power in the 1950s and 60s provides current scholars, administrators, and students a useful road map for effecting social change today."---Abigail Fagan, Amerikastudien/American Studies»

«Winner of the ASHE Outstanding Book Award, Association for the Study of Higher Education»

«Winner of the AESA Critics’ Choice Book Award, American Educational Studies Association»

«Winner of the Frederic W. Ness Book Award, Association of American Colleges & Universities»

«Winner of the HES Outstanding Book Award, History of Education Society»

«Winner of the Outstanding Publication Award, American Educational Research Association»

«This extensively researched, well-written examination of racism, integration, and violence in the postsecondary environment is a major contribution to the field of higher education."---Jacqueline Snider, Library Journal»

«In this intensely researched narrative, Cole focuses on one institutional president—as a member of the wider community of presidents—per chapter and examines how he or she worked within the circumstances of their colleges. Perhaps most importantly, the author explores the silent networks of Black college presidents whose efforts slipped under the radar.»

Kirkus Reviews

«The Campus Color Line is enlightening for advanced students and scholars interested in the study of higher education history.»

Choice Reviews

«Cole artfully makes the case that higher education played a central role in shaping one of the most significant social movements in American history. . . . The Campus Color Line is essential not just for filling this gap in the historical literature or because it shows another way that universities influence society. It is essential because it challenges those of us in higher education, both educators and administrators, to be mindful of our actions and, above all else, to do more."---Lucian Bessmer, Harvard Educational Review»

«A brilliant and richly detailed study. . . . Cole’s ambitious collection of intimate and masterfully researched institutional histories make The Campus Color Line a must-read for upper-level undergraduate courses or graduate students examining the legacy of student activism and social movements, or the history of education."---Jelani M. Favors, History of Education Quarterly»

«Cole’s ability to connect college presidential challenges, racial turmoil, and political climate make this work groundbreaking. This is especially insightful since Cole takes the approach of focusing his work on the dominant white community which had their own way of working against the desegregation within the confines of American society."---Jesse R. Ford & Kaleb L. Briscoe, Teachers College Record»

«The Campus Color Line should be required reading for academics or anyone interested in how issues of racial justice became enmeshed in higher education."---E. Masghati, Ph.D., International Social Science Review»

«Eddie R. Cole brilliantly narrates the untold stories of America's college leaders and their many contributions toward the decolonization of higher education. . . . Cole’s book is a testament to the difficulty of these challenges faced by leaders, and it offers a guide for how to overcome them—if a leader knows how to pay close attention to our past and aims not to repeat the mistakes in the future."---Mary F. Howard-Hamilton & Kelsey Bogard, Journal of College Student Development ​​​​​​​»