Modernity - 
      Malcolm Waters


Critical Concepts in Sociology

Malcolm Waters (Redaktør)

This collection includes essays by all the main thinkers on modernity, such as Marx, Parsons, Mannheim, Giddens, Bourdieu and Adorno, as well as previously unseen material from lesser-known figures. Les mer
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This collection includes essays by all the main thinkers on modernity, such as Marx, Parsons, Mannheim, Giddens, Bourdieu and Adorno, as well as previously unseen material from lesser-known figures.
Forlag: Routledge
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Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 2080
ISBN: 9780415133005
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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Volume I: Modernization Appendix: Chronological Table of Reprinted Articles General Commentary: The Meaning of Modernity Section 1: Distinguishing Modern from Traditional Societies Commentary 1. Social Types and Constitutions Herbert Spencer 2. Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft Ferdinand Tonnies 3. The Folk Society Robert Redfield 4. The Division of Labor Emile Durkheim 5. The Rise of Modern Society Krishan Kumar 6. Evolutionary Universals in Society Talcott Parsons 7. Social Change, Differentiation and Evolution S.N. Eisenstadt 8. Towards a Theory of Modernization Neil J. Smelser 9. Differentiation, Rationalization, Interpenetration: The Emergence of Modern Society Richard Munich Section 2: The Rise of Capitalism Commentary 10. Pre-capitalist Economic Formations Karl Marx and Frederick Engels 11. The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith 12. The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx 13. Religion and the Rise of Capitalism R.H. Tawney 14. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Max Weber 15. Conflicting Interpretations of the Rise of Capitalism: Marx and Weber N. Birnbaum 16. Marx, Weber and the Development of Capitalism Anthony Giddens Section 3: Diffusion and Convergence Commentary 17. The Modern World-System Immanuel Wallerstein 18. Industrialization and Social Change Wilbert E. Moore 19. The Logic of Industrialism Clark Kerr, John T. Dunlop, Frederick H. Harbison and Charles A. Myers 20. Social Stratification in Industrial Society John H. Goldthorpe 21. Contrasting Factors in the Modernization of China and Japan Marion J. Levy Jr 22. Preconditions of Development: A Comparison of Japan and Germany Reinhard Bendix 23. An East Asian Development Model Peter Berger 24. The Modern Constellation and the Japanese Enigma Johann P. Arnason Volume II: Cultural Modernity Section 4: Modern Lifeworlds Commentary 25. The World Demographic Transition Kingsley Davis 26. Industrialization and Family Change William J. Goode 27. The Metropolis and Mental Life Georg Simmel 28. Urbanism as a Way of Life Louis Wirth 29. Urbanism and Suburbanism as Ways of Life H.J. Gans 30. Modernity and its Discontents Peter L. Berger, Brigitte Berger and Hansfried Kellner 31. A Model of the Modern Man Alex Inkeles 32. Gender and the Division of Labour Michelle Barratt 33. Rethinking Women's Oppression Joanna Brenner and Maria Ramas 34. Theorising Patriarchy Sylvia Walby 35. Modernity and Self-Identity Anthony Giddens Section 5: Beliefs and Ideology Commentary 36. Religious Evolution Robert N. Bellah 37. 'Secularisation and its Discontents' Bryan Wilson 38. Cultural Aspects of the Modern World-System Frank J. Lechner 39. Understanding Traditional and Modern Patterns of Consumption in Eighteenth-Century England Colin Campbell 40. Consumer Culture, Postmodernism and Global Disorder Mike Featherstone 41. The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno 42. Television: The Timid Giant Marshall McLuhan 43. The Mass News Media Systemic, Historical and Comparative Perspective Jeffrey C. Alexander 44. Cultural Reproduction and Social Reproduction Pierre Bourdieu 45. Diseases of Science Derek J. de Solla Price 46. The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism Daniel Bell 47. The Cultural of Modernity Nicholas Abercrombie and Stephen Hill and Bryan S. Turner 48. Changes in the Configuration of the Utopian Mentality: Its Stages in Modern Times Karl Mannheim Volume III: Modern Systems Section 6: Economic Modernity Commentary 49. The Moder