Educational Psychology Perspectives on Supporting Young Autistic People

Insights from Experience, Practice and Research

Judith Gainsborough (Redaktør) ; Robyn Steward (Forord) ; Laura Cockburn (Innledning) ; Laura Crane (Innledning) ; Liz Pellicano (Innledning) ; Vicky Slonims (Innledning) ; Jennifer Baulcomb (Innledning) ; Carrie Grant (Innledning) ; Scot Greathead (Innledning) ; Rhiannon Yates (Innledning) ; Phil Christie (Innledning) ; Bola Abimbola (Innledning) ; Luke Beardon (Innledning) ; Diana Loffler (Innledning) ; Annie Etherington (Innledning) ; Carol Povey (Innledning) ; Irina Roncaglia (Innledning) ; Charlotte Hatton (Innledning) ; Jane Park (Innledning) ; Katie Maras (Innledning) ; Clare Hughes (Innledning) ; Adam O'Loughlin (Innledning) ; Alexandra Lewis (Innledning) ; Juliet Gittens (Innledning) ; Lynne Moxon (Innledning) ; Prithvi Perepa (Innledning) ; Ken Greaves (Innledning) ; Alyssa Alcorn (Innledning) ; Sue Fletcher-Watson (Innledning) ; Nicola Yuill (Innledning) ; Owen Rhys Barry (Innledning)

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Forlag: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 320
ISBN: 9781787758209
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«Effective support: importantly in line with autistic perspectives, current research, current thinking, and a well put together practical guide that considers autism and intersectionality, gender diversity, sexuality, well-being, attachment, mental fitness and so much more.»

«This ambitious book brings together a diverse and vastly experienced group of neurotypical and neurodivergent commentators offering observations and advice based on lived experience and research. I particularly welcome the inclusion of the often neglected topics of autism, ethnicity, and culture, the development of IT, and the justice system.»

«The knowledge within this book is immense. It successfully captures key issues ... research, effective interventions; coupled with insights from lived experiences that highlight the need for intersectionality. This is a valuable book that I would recommend that everyone with an interest in Autism reads.»

«The breadth of the topics in this book makes it a highly recommended and valuable tool for EP practice. The chapters provide both evidence-based and thought-provoking touchstones and way-markers for the future of supporting autistic individuals and their families. The contributors provide constructive information that informs the conceptual, ethical, research and legislative foundations important for all professionals working in the field of autism.»

Robyn Steward is 26 years old and is on the autistic spectrum. She has been wowing audiences for years with her clear, candid and refreshing approach to providing information on autism, and now she brings her straightforward positive style to women's safety. Robyn is an autism trainer, mentor and consultant and artist, and travels internationally, giving talks to educators, therapists, parents and people on the spectrum. She has spoken about autism at the House of Commons, in the national and international press, on radio and television, as well as annually at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Robyn also helps to raise awareness for people on the autism spectrum as a National Autistic Society (NAS) Ambassador, co-chairing the charity's Professionals' and Women and Girls Conferences in 2012, as well as judging their Professionals Awards. She lives independently in London. Jillian Celentano is a public speaker, mentor and advocate for the trans community. She volunteers at the Yale Gender Program and has run numerous workshops on transgender awareness. She lives in West Haven, Connecticut. Phil Christie is Director of Sutherland House Children's Services, run by autism charity NORSACA (, and leads a team of Consultant Child Psychologists at the Elizabeth Newson Centre. The centre carries out training and research activities and has particular expertise in PDA. He is also Associate Editor of 'Good Autism Practice', and became Chair of the Advisory Council of the Autism Education Trust in 2009.