Aalfred and Aalbert - 
      Morag Hood

Aalfred and Aalbert

A heartwarming and funny story about a blossoming friendship between two solitary aardvarks. Les mer
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«a truly original rising star»


«From Two Hoots, and the fabulous author-illustrator Morag Hood, there’s the adorable aardvark story of Aalfred and Aalbert, whose different sleep cycles have doomed them never to meet, much to the frustration of a small avian matchmaker. Whether snoozing curled up in their burrows or following their passions of broccoli, cheese and flowers, these aardvarks, and their happy ending, make for ear-to-ear smiles.»

, Guardian

«A superbly comic though still subtle and understated gay love story appears in Morag Hood’s Aalfred and Aalbert (Two Hoots), the story of two star-crossed aardvarks who emerge from their burrows at fatally different times – one by night and one by day. [...] While some children might read Aalfred and Aalbert simply as a story of friendship, others will be delighted by the small, sweet smiles of the enormously endearing protagonists, finding and falling for each other at last.»

Times Literary Supplement

«“It's a wonderful tale demonstrating the joy of friendship and love, told through the charming bright and bold illustrations and text that is suitable for early readers.”»

The School Librarian

«An adorable and somewhat unconventional love story that shows that eventually love triumphs and that good things comes to those who wait.»


«Full of charm and gentle fun in its depiction of two endearing aardvarks [...] this appealing appealing story should leave its young readers, and their families, with smiles on their faces»

Books For Keeps

«I think it’s my favourite so far. This treat is not to be missed; in fact you really shouldn’t miss any of Morag’s books»

Red Reading Hub

«this is a story lovingly created… and an endearing gift for anyone in need of a hug!»

Lancashire Evening Post

«A feel-good treat infused with Hood’s trademark playfulness and cheer»

The Bookseller

«A unique voice and wryly humorous illustrations will leave you smiling at this wonderful tale of aardvarks, broccoli, string and friendship.»

BookTrust's Great Books Guide 2019

«It’s refreshing to have a love story, even if it is between aardvarks. The picture book is by the rising star author-illustrator Morag Hood, who has also written Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea, I Am Bat and The Steves. Aalfred and Aaalbert’s sleep cycles are different and they are doomed never to meet but eventually, an accidental meeting gives them a happily-ever-after ending»

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Morag Hood has a unique voice. Her idiosyncratic, wry humour permeates everything she does, creating books of style and irresistible charm. Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea was a runner-up in The Macmillan Prize for Illustration, marking a glorious picture book debut. Morag spent her childhood writing stories, painting, and dreaming of having a pet duck. Following a degree in Costume Design from Wimbledon College of Art, and an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art, Morag returned to live in her native Edinburgh with her husband. She still likes making stories, printing, cutting and sticking, and freshly sharpened pencils. Her self-authored books include Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea, When Grandad was a Penguin, I Am Bat, The Steves and Aalfred and Aalbert, and she is also the author of Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert, illustrated by Ella Okstad. The pet duck is yet to make an appearance.