Brown Baby

A Memoir of Race, Family and Home

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«A wise and wonderful book from the hugely talented Nikesh Shukla. Written for his daughters, inspired by his mother whom they never got to meet, this love letter to his brown babies encompasses fatherhood, feminism, racial politics, growing up and being a grown up, with tenderness, depth and humour.»

Meera Syal

«A masterpiece ... Exquisitely written and so empowering, this is the book on fatherhood I have been waiting to read my whole life. I cannot begin to describe the whirlwind of emotions I experienced while reading the elegant vulnerability captured in these tender words ... I know that I will read this love letter of a book often, it has become an old friend that I take with me everywhere.»

Nikita Gill

«Brown Baby is fizzing with humanity, life and light. Nikesh Shukla has written page after page of golden prose that made me laugh out loud and weep real tears. Love, family, grief, race and gender are all nurtured carefully with intention and hope in this urgently relevant 21st century memoir.»

Deborah Frances-White, The Guilty Feminist

«An unforgettable love letter that stretches into both the past and the future, aching with longing and loss, firecracker humour, fury at the wrongs of the world but, above all, great beauty, pride and hope. Heartbreaking and brilliant.»

Rachel Edwards

«[Brown Baby] has wisdom about being an ally I will remember for life, some of the best male writing about eating and emotional pain I have ever come across and is one of the very best examples of a story which is deeply personal feeling truly universal.»

Alexandra Heminsley

«Brown Baby is a heartbreakingly honest exploration of grief, loss, and what it means to belong. Shukla’s vulnerability is deeply moving; this memoir will stay with me for a long time.»

Louise O’ Neill

«Brown Baby is a gorgeous love letter from a father to his daughter. It is also a raw and necessary reckoning with the forces that shape the way we view ourselves and others. In this way, it is a love letter to us all, by turns hilarious, scathing, searching, and tender. Truly, Brown Baby is a treasure.»

Tania James, author of The Tusk That Did The Damage

«I’m awestruck by its intimacy and how densely packed with important questions it is.»

Anoushka Shankar

«Shukla paints a vivid picture of family - both the one he is born into and the one he makes. The entwining of his grief and love for his mother with his love and fear for his daughter is so special. Brown Baby confronts all the hard subjects yet is also so full of love and light.»

«Funny, moving and utterly relevant to where we’re at right now, do not miss this beautiful book»

«A brave, funny and rather lovely read.»

«So honest, I found myself, engulfed, consumed. I could feel myself in the room with Nikesh.»

Nadiya Hussain

«Brown Baby is a beautifully intimate and soul-searching memoir. It speaks to the heart and the mind and bears witness to our turbulent times.»

«Brown Baby is the funniest, saddest, most motivating memoir I have ever read - it's like a clever friend in your ear. A life-changing, heartbreaking, fizz-popping book that fills me with joy and gratitude and communion.»

Emma Jane Unsworth