Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage - Sergey Sementsov

Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Sergey Sementsov (Redaktør) ; Alexander Leontyev (Redaktør) ; Santiago Huerta (Redaktør) ; Ignacio Menéndez Pidal de Nava (Redaktør)

Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage 2020 includes contributions on the protection, and restoration of architectural monuments and the reconstruction of major historical urban development sites, as well as various complex issues and aspects of engineering reconstruction of monuments and preservation of historical heritage. Les mer
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Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage 2020 includes contributions on the protection, and restoration of architectural monuments and the reconstruction of major historical urban development sites, as well as various complex issues and aspects of engineering reconstruction of monuments and preservation of historical heritage. The contributions were presented at the eponymous conference (RRAH 2020, St Petersburg, Russia, 25-28 March 2020), and cover a wide range of topics:

- Historical, architectural and urban planning research and restoration of monuments

- Urban and regional planning

- Engineering reconstruction, performance of repair and reconstruction works on monuments

- Training of architects and restorers

Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage 2020 will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the history and restoration of nature reserves, estates, cities and monuments.
Forlag: CRC Press
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Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 286
ISBN: 9780367653576
Format: 25 x 17 cm

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Problems of historical and architectural, historical and urban planning research and restoration of monuments

An unnamed building of Bishop's house of Vologda according to newly revealed archival information, I.K. Beloyarskaya

Principles of embankment humanization in gray belt of Saint Petersburg, N.M. Drizhapolova, V.M. Supranovich & N.K. Yass

Laws of definition of subject of protection of houses and palaces of culture built in Leningrad in 1920-1930s, N.P. Dubrovina

Urban planning and compositional features of different territories of historical center of Saint Petersburg, G.O. Fedotova

Problems of adaptation of cultural heritage sites for people with limited mobility, T.S. Fridman

Integrated functional association - search for methods of cultural heritage sites adaptation (Russia),L. Kaloshina

Specifics of forming a social and business complex in Kronstadt, O. Kokorina, D.A. Zinenkov, A.F. Eremeeva & S.A. Bolotin

Formation features of high nobility estates in neighboring districts of Saint Petersburg governorate on example of Peterhof district, E.A. Kozyreva

Architect J.-B. A. Le Blond and his role in construction of Grand Peterhof Palace, A.G. Leontyev

Fundamental differences of ensemble system of historical center of Saint Petersburg from European city centers, S.O. Markushev

Historic urban landscape in Saint Petersburg: To question of determining attributes of outstanding universal value of world heritage objects, N.V. Marushina

Saavedra's contribution to modern methodology of study of Roman Roads in Spain, I.F. Menendez Pidal de Navascues, M. Almagro-Gorbea, I. Moreno Gallo, I. Aguilar Civera, J. Manas Martinez, J. Alonso Trigueros & A. Arcos Alvarez

Historical cemeteries as element of urban planning subject of protection of Saint Petersburg, A.V. Mikhailov

Territorial-planning constituents of urban planning components to be protected, A.V. Mikhaylov

Analysis of research on Bakhchisaray Palace, Z. Nagaeva & L. Budzhurova

City image in protection system of historical environment, A.Yu. Nazarova

Classification of ordinary development of Saint Petersburg in system of urban development regulation, I.L. Pasechnik

Renovation of coastal industrial areas. European experience of 2000s, O. Pastukh & A.G. Vaitens

Historical and architectural heritage of railway complexes in Belgorod region, M.V. Perkova, L.I. Kolesnikova & Y.A. Nemtseva

Principles of urban environment development based on identification features of historical city, F. Perov, O. Kokorina, U. Puharenko & Yu.N. Lobanov

"Garden cities" along railway lines in Saint Petersburg,N. Petukhova

Revitalization of architectural landscapes of Alexander and Babolovo parks of "Tsarskoe Selo" Museum-Reserve in 2014 - 2019,M.N. Ryadova

Real historical skyline of metropolitan Saint Petersburg by 1917, S.V. Sementsov

Saint Petersburg style of 21st century, M.A. Shapchenko

Use of cork coating in architectural monuments of Saint Petersburg,P.G. Shchedrin

Specific features of manors of nobility in remote uyezds of Saint Petersburg Governorate (through example of Luzhsky Uyezd), E.Yu. Shuvaeva

Influence of architectural fantasies of Yakov Chernikhov on projects of Zaha Hadid, A.A. Smirnov & O.A. Kotlovaya

Decline of "one-storied USSR" politics in cities of Russia, A.V. Surovenkov, M.V. Skopina, G.V. Stukalov & Z. Tuhtareva

Organizational and technological industrial area renovation systems: Basics of functioning, D.V. Topchiy & V.S. Chernigov

Principles of forming functional landscape for wooden architecture museum in southern part of Zaonezhye Peninsula, S. Zavarikhin, O. Kefala & T. Nesvitckaia

Specifics of rhythmic-and-metric as well as the architectural-and-spatial organization of Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt, S.P. Zavarikhin, M.A. Granstrem & M.V. Zolotareva

Revitalization concept on historical area Near Zapskovye in Pskov,I.S. Zayats, E.S. Bakumenko & A.S. Perepech

Problems of urban and regional planning

Employment of collaborative information technologies in urban planning: Case study of Alkut city, Iraq, A.M.H. Abokharima

New environmental consciousness,L. Baltovskij, V. Belous & V. Volkov

Urban planning model of ecologically balanced development of Siberia South, P.V. Skryabin

Problems of engineering reconstruction, performance of repair and reconstruction works on monuments

Linear multi-factor regression models in management system of Russian construction industry, I.N. Geraskina & M.S. Egorova

Supply air jet simulation with machine learning, I.D. Kibort

Reconstruction of historical bridge using modeling and 3D printing, N.V. Kozak, D.A. Vabishchevich, A.V. Kvitko & M.P. Klekovkina

Preservation of historical buildings during the development of underground space in an urban environment,R.A. Mangushev, A.I. Osokin, F.N. Kalach & S.A. Podgornova

Influence predicting of vibro-immersion and vibration removal of sheet piles on additional deformations of new construction object, R.A. Mangushev, V.M. Polunin & N.S. Nikitina

Renovation of coastal industrial zones with possibility of using engineering geodesic dome structures made of wood and polymer materials, O. Pastukh & D. Zhivotov

Buckling of shell roof structures under different loads,D.S. Petrov, A.A. Semenov & A.Yu Salnikov

System of automated quality control for operating materials of construction equipment, R.N. Safiullin, V.A. Treyal & R.E. Baruzdin

Environmental risk analysis in construction under uncertainty, E. Smirnova

Parameters of heat-shielding in prerevolutionary residential buildings,V.M Ulyasheva, A.Y. Martyanova & G.A. Ryabev

Assessment of quality of adhesive joints of amber mosaic,I.I. Verkhovskaia

Analysis of methods of nondestructive testing of heat pipelines, D. Zakharova & A. Potapov

Technological basis for use of composite materials when reinforcing wooden rafters in heritage buildings of Saint Petersburg, D. Zhivotov, Yu.I. Tilinin & V.V. Latuta

Dust and environment: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, case study, A. Ziv & E.A. Solov'eva

Problems of training architects and restorers

Peculiarities of forming architecture of universal youth centers in Republic of Crimea, Z.S. Nagaeva & D.S. Mosyakin

Environmental values as component of professional ethics of student-architects, E.A. Solov'eva

Author index
1. Sergey Sementsov doctor of architecture, Professor. The author of over 300 articles and monographs on the study of historic buildings and historic urban areas of the Leningrad - St. Petersburg and territories before the Foundation of St. Petersburg. He is a Member of the Saint Petersburg Union of architects and an adviser to the Russian Academy of architecture and construction Sciences (RAASN). It is developing a system for identifying and protecting architectural and cultural monuments. It is engaged in the formation of protective zoning and preparation of passports of historical and cultural monuments. Performed state historical and cultural expertise for a number of cultural heritage sites. Coordinator of work on the preparation of proposals and approval of materials for the world heritage Site "the Historical center of Leningrad and its associated groups of monuments", as well as on related proposals to expand the scope of restoration work in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.
2. Alexander Leontyev , Member of the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg, member of the Council for the preservation of cultural heritage under the Governor of Saint Petersburg. Author of biographical research on architects J.-B. A. Leblon, A. I. Semenov, N. N. Belekhov, A. E. Gessen, E. V. Kazanskaya; author of articles on the restoration of architectural monuments on the topics of post-war restoration of the Great Peterhof Palace, the Marly Palace, the Monplaisir Palace complex and objects in the Lower Park of Peterhof, the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum and historical objects in St. Petersburg. Supervised the restoration of the objects in Peterhof and St. Petersburg, including developed projects for restoration of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage in the Museum-reserve Peterhof: Grand Palace with the Church body and the body under the arms, a complex of Monplaisir Palace, the Hermitage, Marly Palace, Voroninskaya the colonnade and the lion cascade in the Lower Park, the cottage Palace, the Gothic chapel, the manor Palace and the Telegraph station in Alexandria Park, Tsaritsyn and Olga pavilions in the rustic Park, he supervised a specialized architectural and restoration workshop at the Lenproektrestavratsiya Institute. He led design and restoration work on the objects of the Peterhof Museum and religious buildings in St. Petersburg: the Kazan Cathedral, the Kazan Church of the Novodevichy monastery, the Church of St. Anna Kashinskaya, the courtyard of the Holy Trinity Cottage monastery with the Church of St. Peter Metropolitan of Moscow, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. He supervised the historical and architectural research of the development of the Central districts of Saint Petersburg. Conducted urban planning, historical and cultural and technical and economic expertise of cultural heritage objects for the collection of historical and cultural monuments of the peoples of the Ssrpo method of doctor of architecture T. A. Slavina, Chief architect of the Institute "Lenproektrestavratsiya". Chief architect of the Peterhof state Museum-reserve.

3. Dr. Santiago Huerta is a tenured professor of Project and Structural Calculation at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM). He obtained his doctorate in 1990 and achieved the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award. In the last twenty years he has worked as a consultant for Analysis of Historical Constructions. He has been secretary and deputy director of the Department of Structures of ETSAM. He is cofounder and president of the Spanish Society for the History of Construction (SEDHC) and is currently the director of publications for the Juan de Herrera Institute. He was chair of the First International Congress on Construction History (Madrid, 2003). Since 1996, he has been chair of the already eleven Spanish eleven Spanish Congresses on Construction History and of the First and Second International Hispano-American Congresses on Construction History. He is author of more than 80 publications among books (editor), papers in specialized journals and communications to congresses. Scientific and professional interests of Dr. Santiago Huerta are connected with History of Construction, Masonry Arches Vaults and Domes.

4. Ignacio Menéndez Pidal de Navascués, PhD. MEng Civil Engineer, Professor at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1986; 2007). Master in Business Administration by IESE (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa) University of Navarre, and teacher and speaker for Project Management Courses at IESE, and other institutions and universities: Instituto de Práctica Empresarial in Malaga, Seville, and Almería, Institute de Fomento Empresarial in Madrid, Fundación del Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid, etc. Scientific and professional interests of Prof. Menéndez Pidal are connected with the problems of Applied Geology, Geotechnical engineering, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Rural / Urban Development, Hidrogeology, groundwater hydraulics, Environmental Geology, Engineering Geology, Construction, Risk Management, and Project Management.