Artificial Intelligence and Security - 
      Xingming Sun
      Xiaorui Zhang
      Zhihua Xia
      Elisa Bertino

Artificial Intelligence and Security

7th International Conference, ICAIS 2021, Dublin, Ireland, July 19–23, 2021, Proceedings, Part I

Xingming Sun (Redaktør) ; Xiaorui Zhang (Redaktør) ; Zhihua Xia (Redaktør) ; Elisa Bertino (Redaktør)

This two-volume set of LNCS 12736-12737 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security, ICAIS 2021, which was held in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2021. Les mer
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This two-volume set of LNCS 12736-12737 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security, ICAIS 2021, which was held in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2021. The conference was formerly called "International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security" with the acronym ICCCS.The total of 93 full papers and 29 short papers presented in this two-volume proceedings was carefully reviewed and selected from 1013 submissions. Overall, a total of 224 full and 81 short papers were accepted for ICAIS 2021; the other accepted papers are presented in CCIS 1422-1424. The papers were organized in topical sections as follows:

Part I: Artificial intelligence; and big data

Part II: Big data; cloud computing and security; encryption and cybersecurity; information hiding; IoT security; and multimedia forensics
Forlag: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 753
ISBN: 9783030786083
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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Artificial Intelligence.- Research on Spoofing Jamming of Integrated Navigation System on UAV.- Multi-penalty functions GANs via multi-task learning.- Community Detection Model Based on Graph Representation and Self-supervised Learning.- Efficient Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent through Gaussian Averaging.- Application Research of Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Used on Job Shop Scheduling Problem.- Artificial Intelligence Chronic Disease Management System Based on Medical Resource Perception.- Research on Deep Learning Denoising Method in an Ultra-fast All-optical Solid-state Framing Camera.- LSTM-XGBoost Application of the Model to the Prediction of Stock Price.- Test of integrated urban rail transit vehicle-to-ground communication system based on LTE-U technology.- Research on Efficient Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Deep Learning.- Subspace Classification of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Laplacian Regularization.- Study the Quantum Transport Process: Machine Learning Simulates Quantum Conditional Master Equation.- Neural Network Study Quantum Synchronization and Quantum Correlation under Non-zero Temperature.- Research on Intelligent Cloud Manufacturing Resource Adaptation Methodology Based on Reinforcement Learning.- Automatic CT Lesion Detection Based On Feature Pyramid Inference with Multi-Scale Response.- A Survey of Chinese Anaphora Resolution.- Efficient 3D Pancreas Segmentation Using Two-stage 3D Convolutional Neural Networks.- Multi-UAV Task Allocation Method Based on Improved Bat Algorithm.- Deep Learning Models for Intelligent Healthcare: Implementation and Challenges.- An Improved YOLOv3 Algorithm Combined with Attention Mechanism for Flame and Smoke Detection.- The Evaluation Method of Safety Classification for Electric Energy Measurement Based on Dynamic Double Fuzzy Reasoning.- Offline Writer Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network and VLAD Descriptors.- A Light-Weight Prediction Model for Aero-Engine Surge Based on Seq2Seq.- Simulation Analysis of PLC/WLC Hybrid Communication with traffic model.- A study on the Influence of Economic growth on urban-rural income gap in five northwest Provinces based on unit root and Co-integration test.- Research on Intrusion Detection of Industrial Control System Based on FastICA-SVM Method.- KCFuzz: Directed Fuzzing Based on Keypoint Coverage.- Deep Adversarial Learning Based Heterogeneous Defect Prediction.- Smart grid data anomaly detection method based on cloud computing platform.- A Flexible Planning Approach Using Label Member.- A Survey and Future Perspectives of Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Text Classification.- Non-contact Heart Rate Measurement Based on Fusion Technology.- Research on Cotton Impurity Detection Algorithm Based on Image Segmentation.- Improving Text Matching with Semantic Dependency Graph via Message Passing Neural Network.- Demonstration of Low Power and Low Cost Wireless Sensor Network with Edge Computing.- Analysis on spatial Pattern Evolution of Cultivated land in urban Area based on spatial Autocorrelation Analysis -- A case study of Luoyang City.- Research of Spatial pattern for cultivated land quality in Henan Province based on spatial autocorrelation.- Preamble selection and allocation algorithm based on Q learning.- An Improved Object Detection Algorithm Based on CenterNet.- Survey on Image Object Detection Algorithms based on Deep Learning.- Autocoder Guide Multi-Category Topic Clustering for Keywords Matching.- Adversarial Defense Networks via Gaussian Noise and RBF.- Intelligent Detection and Early Warning System of Railway Track.- Train Driver State Detection System Based on PCA and SVM.- The Offset-Image Recognition Based on Dense Coding.- Self-Supervision adversarial learning network for liver lesion classification.- Mining Consumer Brand Relationship from Social Media Data: A Natural Language Processing Approach.- Weighted Hierarchy Mechanism over BERT for Long Text Classification.- Corrosion Detection in Transformers Based on Hierarchical Annotation.- Fake Calligraphy Recognition Based on Deep Learning.- A Top-k QoS-optimal Service Composition Approach under Dynamic Environment.- Big Data.- Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Mooc Construction based on SPSS Analysis.- A Copyright Protection Scheme of Visual Media in Big Data Environment.- A Fast Sound Ray Tracking Method for Ultra-short Baseline Positioning.- Research on Auxiliary Target Extraction and Recognition Technology in Big Data Environment.- Analysis of Information Dissemination Orientation of New Media Police Microblog Platform.- An Evaluation Method of Population Based on Geographic Raster and Logistic Regression.- Image Compression Algorithm Based on Time Series.- A Resource-saving Multi-layer Fault-tolerant Low Orbit Satellite Network.- Research on business travel problem based on simulated annealing and tabu search algorithms.- Intelligent Security Image Classification on Small Sample Learning.- Intelligent Ecological Environment Control System Design.