Advances in Applied Microbiology

; Sima Sariaslani

Cutting-edge reviews in applied microbiology Les mer
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Cutting-edge reviews in applied microbiology




Chapter 1: Phage Therapy Pharmacology

I. Introduction

II. Standard Antibacterial In Vitro Metrics

III. Killing Titer and MBC Calculation

IV. Reduction Times and Dosing

V. Bacterial Density and Phage Population Growth

VI. Effective Dose Revisited

VII. Conclusion

Chapter 2: From Rio Tinto to Mars

I. Introduction

II. Extremophiles

III. Acidophiles

IV. Geomicrobiology of Rio Tinto

V. Subsurface Geomicrobiology of the Iberian Pyrite Belt

VI. Methanogenesis in Nonmethanogenic Conditions

VII. Rio Tinto as a Geochemical Analogue of Mars

VIII. Future Trends

Chapter 3: Fungal Adaptation to Extremely High Salt Concentrations

I. Halotolerant and Halophilic Fungi: An Introduction

II. Hortaea werneckii-A Model for Extreme Halotolerance

III. Wallemia ichthyophaga-Alternative Halophilic Solutions

IV. The Next Step: Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Beyond

V. Conclusions: An Integrated Model of Extreme Halotolerance

Chapter 4: Resistance of Yeasts to Weak Organic Acid Food Preservatives

I. The Monocarboxylate Preservatives

II. The Physiological Action of Weak Organic Carboxylic Acids on Yeast

III. Resistance Mechanisms

IV. Conclusions

Chapter 5: Silver Nanoparticles

I. Introduction

II. NP Types

III. Microbial-related Applications of NPs

IV. Mechanism of Antimicrobial Action of AgNP

V. Environmental Implications of AgNP-Microbial Considerations

VI. Conclusions

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Geoffrey Gadd is a Professor at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK Sima Sariaslani - PhD in microbial Biochemistry - UK. Professor of microbiology/biochemistry - IranResearch at Univ. of Calif, Riverside - US. Research at Univ. of Iowa - US. Research at DuPont Central Research and Development - USIntellectual property - DuPont - US