Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics - 
      Don Harris

Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics

7th International Conference, EPCE 2007, Held as Part of HCI International 2007, Beijing, China, July 22-27, 2007, Proceedings

Don Harris (Redaktør)

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Title is also available as part of a set: HCI International 2007 (978-3-540-73352-2)
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I: Cognitive and Affective Issues in User Interface Design.- Designing Human Computer Interfaces for Command and Control Environments.- Perceived Complexity and Cognitive Stability in Human-Centered Design.- Computer-Supported Creativity: Evaluation of a Tabletop Mind-Map Application.- Symbiosis: Creativity with Affective Response.- Embodied Virtual Agents: An Affective and Attitudinal Approach of the Effects on Man-Machine Stickiness in a Product/Service Discovery.- Integrative Physiological Design: A Theoretical and Experimental Approach of Human Systems Integration.- Chinese Color Preference in Software Design.- The Effect of Animation Location and Timing on Visual Search Performance and Memory.- Using Root Cause Data Analysis for Requirements and Knowledge Elicitation.- What Stories Inform Us About the Users?.- How Developers Anticipate User Behavior in the Design of Assistance Systems.- Design Perspectives: Sampling User Research for Concept Development.- Method to Select the Most Suitable Software Tool for the Development of an Hmi Virtual Prototype.- Intuitive Use of User Interfaces: Defining a Vague Concept.- Creation of an Ergonomic Guideline for Supervisory Control Interface Design.- Ergonomists and Usability Engineers Encounter Test Method Dilemmas with Virtual Work Environments.- Interactive Style of 3D Display of Buildings on Touch Screen.- The Role of Human Factors in Design and Implementation of Electronic Public Information Systems.- Defining a Work Support and Training Tool for Automation Design Engineers.- A Comparative Study of Multimodal Displays for Multirobot Supervisory Control.- Analysis of Multilocational and Mobile Knowledge Workers' Work Spaces.- Are Computers Capable of Understanding Our Emotional States?.- A Review of Current Human Reliability Assessment Methods Utilized in High Hazard Human-System Interface Design.- Who Is Taking over Control? A Psychological Perspective in Examining Effects of Agent-Based Negotiation Support Technologies.- Adaptive User Interactive Sketching for Teaching Based on Pen Gesture.- II: Cognitive Workload and Human Performance.- Asymmetric Synchronous Collaboration Within Distributed Teams.- Situation Awareness and Secondary Task Performance While Driving.- Theoretical and Methodological Considerations in the Comparison of Performance and Physiological Measures of Mental Workload.- Results of a Tailored Communication Framework Through E-Health.- Effects of Cognitive Training on Individual Differences in Attention.- The Effect of Traffic on Situation Awareness and Mental Workload: Simulator-Based Study.- Multi-window System and the Working Memory.- Human Performance Model for Combined Steering-Targeting Tasks.- A Mental Workload Predicator Model for the Design of Pre Alarm Systems.- Effects of Driver Fatigue Monitoring - An Expert Survey.- Study on the Instruction Method for Plant Operator.- Examining the Moderating Effect of Workload on Controller Task Distribution.- Cognitive, Perceptual, Sensory and Verbal Abilities as Predictors of PDA Text Entry Error and Instructions Across the Lifespan.- Time Estimation as a Measure of Mental Workload.- How Does Distraction Task Influence the Interaction of Working Memory and Long-Term Memory?.- Sequential Analyses of Error Rate: A Theoretical View.- Multidimensional Evaluation of Human Responses to the Workload.- The Influence of Visual Angle on the Performance of Static Images Scanning.- Occurrence of Secondary Tasks and Quality of Lane Changes.- What Really Is Going on? Review, Critique and Extension of Situation Awareness Theory.- Stress and Managers Performance: Age-Related Changes in Psychophysiological Reactions to Cognitive Load.- Monitoring Performance and Mental Workload in an Automated System.- Context-Aware Notification for Mobile Police Officers.- A Study on the Vertical Navigation of High Rise Buildings.- Mental Workload in Command and Control Teams: Musings on the Outputs of EAST and WESTT.- Lightweight Collaborative Activity Patterns in Project Management.- III: Cognitive Modeling and Measuring.- Cognitive Model Data Analysis for the Evaluation of Human Computer Interaction.- Automatic Detection of Interaction Vulnerabilities in an Executable Specification.- ATC CTA: Cognitive Task Analysis of Future Air Traffic Control Concepts.- The Development of a Cognitive Work Analysis Tool.- Human Activity Modeling for Systems Design: A Trans-Disciplinary and Empirical Approach.- Empirical Evidence for a Model of Operator Reaction to Alerting Systems.- "Investigating the Way National Grid Controllers Visualize the Electricity Transmission Grid Using a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Approach".- Diagnosticity of Cardiac Modes of Autonomic Control Elicited by Simulated Driving and Verbal Working Memory Dual-Tasks.- EEG Activities of Dynamic Stimulation in VR Driving Motion Simulator.- Development of a Wireless Embedded Brain - Computer Interface and Its Application on Drowsiness Detection and Warning.- Modelling Cognitive and Affective Load for the Design of Human-Machine Collaboration.- Event-Related Brain Potentials Corroborate Subjectively Optimal Delay in Computer Response to a User's Action.- Effects of Pattern Complexity on Information Integration: Evidence from Eye Movements.- Event-Related Potential as a Measure of Effects of Report Order and Compatibility on Identification on Multidimensional Stimulus.- Models of Command and Control.- Cognitive and Emotional Human Models Within a Multi-agent Framework.- Sociotechnical Theory and NEC System Design.- IV: Safety Critical Applications and Systems.- The Impact of Automation and FMS in Flight Safety: Results of a Survey and an Experimental Study.- Combining Skin Conductance and Heart Rate Variability for Adaptive Automation During Simulated IFR Flight.- HILAS Flight Operations Research: Development of Risk/Safety Management, Process Improvement and Task Support Tools.- Analyzing Constraints to Support Computational Modeling of Air Traffic Controllers.- Risk-Based Information Integration for Ship Navigation.- Experimental Thermal/Moisture Mapping of Industrial Safety Helmets.- Common Work Space or How to Support Cooperative Activities Between Human Operators and Machine: Application to Air Traffic Control.- Human Performance Enhancements: From Certification to HCI Innovation.- Operator Assistance and Semi-autonomous Functions as Key Elements of Future Systems for Multiple Uav Guidance.- Confucius in Western Cockpits: The Investigation of Long-Term Versus Short-Term Orientation Culture and Aviation Accidents.- Voice Alarm System in Emergency Evacuation.- Operating Multiple Semi-autonomous UGVs: Navigation, Strategies, and Instantaneous Performance.- Evaluation of the Effects of Visual Field on Road Sign Recognition.- Searching for Possible Threat Items to Safe Air Travel: Human Error and Training.- Human Integration in the Lifecycle of Aviation Systems.- A Characteristic of a Navigator's Response to Artificial Ship's Movement by Picture and Motion Platform.- Classification of Blink Waveforms Towards the Assessment of Driver's Arousal Level - An Approach for HMM Based Classification from Blinking Video Sequence.- Classification of Blink Waveforms Toward the Assessment of Driver's Arousal Levels - An EOG Approach and the Correlation with Physiological Measures.- Common Work Space or How to Support Cooperative Activities Between Human Operators: Application to Fighter Aircraft.- Culture and Communication in the Philippine Aviation Industry.- Future Trends in Flight Deck Equipment.- Evaluation of Process Tracing Technique to Assess Pilot Situation Awareness in Air Combat Missions.- Analysis of Human Factors Integration Aspects for Aviation Accidents and Incidents.- Development and Evaluation of a Multimodal Touchpad for Advanced In-Vehicle Systems.- An European Approach to the Integrated Management of Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance: Introducing the IMMS.- A Research of Speech Signal of Fire Information Display Interface.- HCI Testing in Flight Simulator: Set Up and Crew Briefing Procedures. Design and Test Cycles for the Future.