Security and Management - Kevin Daimi

Security and Management

Kevin Daimi (Redaktør) ; Hamid R. Arabnia (Redaktør) ; Samiha Ayed (Redaktør) ; Michael R. Grimaila (Redaktør) ; Hanen Idoudi (Redaktør) ; George Markowsky (Redaktør) ; Ashu M. G. Solo (Redaktør)

Includes topics such as: Security Education, Cryptographic Technologies, Security Management, Biometrics and Forensics, Security Applications. Les mer
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Includes topics such as: Security Education, Cryptographic Technologies, Security Management, Biometrics and Forensics, Security Applications.
Forlag: C. S. R. E. A.
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781601322852
Format: 28 x 20 cm

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Session: Security Education
1) Cybersecurity Awareness in Organizations: a case study of University of Venda
2) The UWF Cyber Battle Lab: A Hands-On Computer Lab for Teaching and Research in Cyber Security
3) Bite-sized Learning of Technical Aspects of Privacy
4) Privacy Incongruity: An Analysis of a Survey of Mobile End-Users
Session: Special Track On Wireless Networks Security + Modeling Of Information Security
5) Security Considerations in WSN-Based Smart Grids
6) Security of Online Social Networks
7) Security Concepts and Issues in Intra-Inter Vehicle Communication Network
8) Negotiation of Sensitive Resources using Different Strategies for Policy Protection
9) MPEG-21 Based Approach to Secure Digital Contents Using DC Metadata
Session: Information Assurance
10) Simple Method to Quantify Audit Findings
11) Small to Medium Enterprise Cyber Security Awareness: An Initial Survey of Western Australian Business
12) Detecting the Vulnerability of Multi-Party Authorization Protocols to Name Matching Attacks
13) A Dynamic Approach to Risk Calculation for the RAdAC Model
Session: Network Security + Security Management
14) Malicious Device Inspection in the HAN Smart Grid
15) Developing and Assessing a Multi-Factor Authentication Protocol for Revocable Distributed Storage in a Mobile Wireless Network
16) Smart Grid HAN Accountability with Varying Consumption Devices
17) Implementation of Oblivious Bloom Intersection in Private Set Intersection Protocol (PSI)
18) A Comparative Evaluation of Intrusion-Alert Prediction Techniques
19) Email Encryption: Discovering Reasons Behind its Lack of Acceptance
20) IT Security Policies and Employee Compliance: The Effects of Organizational Environment
Session: Biometrics and Forensics I + Cryptographic Technologies
21) State of the Art in Similarity Preserving Hashing Functions
22) VoIP Forgery Detection
23) A Low-Complexity Procedure for Pupil and Iris Detection Suitable for Biometric Identification
24) Towards Designing a Greener Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Session: Computer and Hardware Security
25) Modeling and Attack for 4-MUXs based PUF
26) Relationship Between Number of Stages in ROPUF and CRP Generation on FPGA
27) Autonomic Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing with Big Data
28) Fourier Transform as a Feature Extraction Method for Malware Classification
29) Firewall Policy Query Language for Behavior Analysis
Session: Special Track On IOT And Scada Cybersecurity Education
30) MODBUS Covert Channel
31) CloudWhip: A Tool for Provisioning Cyber Security Labs in the Amazon Cloud
32) SCADA Cybersecurity Education from a Curriculum and Instruction Perspective
33) Audio Steganography Using Stereo Wav Channels
34) Potential Vulnerabilities of the NextGen Air Traffic Control System
35) Modeling Continuous Time Optical Pulses in a Quantum Key Distribution Discrete Event Simulation
36) A Survey on Certificateless Encryption Techniques
37) Binary versus Multi-Valued Logic Realization of the AES S--Box
38) Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Reduced Cancer Risk on Daily Physical Activity
Session: Cryptographic Technologies II
39) Formal Verification of Improved Numeric Comparison Protocol for Secure Simple Paring in Bluetooth Using ProVerif
40) Simple Method to Find Primitive Polynomials of Degree n Over GF(2) where 2n-1 is a Mersenne Prime
41) Digital Identities and Accountable Agreements in Web Applications
Session: Security Management I
42) Metrics to Assess and Manage Software Application Security Risk
43) An Interoperability Framework for Security Policy Languages
44) The Implementation of BGP Monitoring, Alarming, and Protecting System by a BGP-Update-Based Method using Ecommunity in Real Time
45) Designing a Case Research Protocol from NISTIR 7621 Security Guidelines
Session: Security Management II
46) Security Management of Bring-Your-Own-Devices
47) SIPPA Approach Towards a Privacy Preserving Voice-based Identity Solution
48) Creating a Policy Based Network Intrusion Detection System using Java Platform
49) Achieving Web Security by Increasing the Web Application Safety
Session: Biometrics And Forensics II
50) Using the Concepts of 'Forensic Linguistics,' 'Bleasure' and 'Motif' to Enhance Multimedia Forensic Evidence Collection
51) A Framework for Leveraging Cloud Computing to Facilitate Biometrics at Large-Scale
52) Exploring Digital Forensics Tools in Backtrack 5.0 r3
53) A Method for Authentication Using Behavior Biometrics on WEB
Session: Security Applications
54) An Approach and Its Implementation for Cloud Computing Security
55) Research on the Security of OAuth-Based Single Sign-On Service
56) Evaluating Gesture-Based Password and Impact of Input Devices
57) Reversible Image Watermarking Scheme with Perfect Watermark and Host Restoration After a Content Replacement Attack
58) Component Rejuvenation for Security for Cloud Services
59) Ontology-based Privacy Setting Transfer Scheme on Social Networking Systems
Session: Posters
60) Steganography through Block IO
61) A Formal Data Flow Model to Study Network Protocol Encapsulation Inconsistencies
Session: Ii: Special Track On IOT And Scada Cybersecurity Education
62) Teaching Cybersecurity to Wide Audiences with Table-Top Games
63) A Behavior-Based Covert Channel in a MMO
64) Building a Virtual Cybersecurity Collaborative Learning Laboratory (VCCLL)
65) LearnFire: A Firewall Learning Tool for Undergraduate Cybersecurity Courses
66) From Air Conditioner to Data Breach
Session: Late Breaking Papers and Position Papers: security systems and applications
67) An Optimized Iris Recognition System for Multi-level Security Applications
68) A Distributable Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Securing Wireless Networks
Hamid R. Arabnia is Professor, Computer Science; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Elected Fellow, Int'l Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science.