Electronics, Information Technology and Intellectualization - 
      Young Min Song
      Kyung Sup Kwak

Electronics, Information Technology and Intellectualization

Proceedings of the International Conference EITI 2014, Shenzhen, China, 16-17 August 2014

Young Min Song (Redaktør) ; Kyung Sup Kwak (Redaktør)

The International Conference on Electronics, Information Technology and Intellectualization (ICEITI2014) was dedicated to build a high-level international academic communication forum for international experts and scholars. Les mer
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The International Conference on Electronics, Information Technology and Intellectualization (ICEITI2014) was dedicated to build a high-level international academic communication forum for international experts and scholars. This fi rst conference of an annual series was held in Pengcheng, Shenzhen, China 16-17 August 2014. Many prestigious experts and scholars from all around the world have taken part in discussing and sharing new research on the topic of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computers and Information technology, Mechatronics Technology and Intellectualization.
The International Conference on Electronics, Information Technology and Intellectualization (ICEITI2014) was hosted by the Hong Kong Information Science and Engineering Research Center, and supported by Inha University, Pusan National University, South Korea.
Forlag: CRC Press
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 220
ISBN: 9781138027411
Format: 25 x 17 cm

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Organizing committee

Approximation properties of Kantorovich type q-Szasz-Mirakjan-Schurer operators
Q.B. Cai

The tracking error analysis of a weld seam tracking follower system
X.G. Liu & R.Wu

A recommendation algorithm and a system research of mobile platforms
Z.F. Qiao, J.X. Guo & J.C. Zhao

Optimization of HF-SCF on CPU-GPU Hybrid Parallel Computing infrastructure
S.R. Xu, S.Z. Ahmad & B. Li

Next generation malware analysis techniques and tools
S.F. Ahmad, S.Z. Ahmad, S.R. Xu & B. Li

Research and implementation of Hybrid Parallel Computing for force field calculation
S.Z. Ahmad, S.R. Xu, B. Li & S.F. Ahmad

A Stable Quick Sort Algorithm (SQSA) for fragment-continuity-sequential data
R.Y.Wang, D. Cao, Z.T. Zang & Y.X. Yu

The design and implementation of network alarm and data fusion analysis systems based on cloud computing
H.M. Li, M. Lu, J.P. Zhang & L. Huang

The development of an intelligentized information platform for tourism landscape management using GIS and GPS technology
K. Chang & H.I. Chen

The creation of an intelligent index system, taking Gongqing Digital Eco-City as an example
X.Q. Li,W. Zhang, C.Y. Tao & Y.X.Wang

Research on digital forensics and its relevant problems

Synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems using adaptive linear feedback control
X.F. Li, X.B. Rao & H. Zhang

A multi-utility framework for wireless sensor network design
S.B. Liao & C.T. Zhu

Research and practice of developing English majors' competence in e-commerce
X.Z. Liu

Discussion and analysis about the integration of information technology in Community Correction work
X.X. Zhang & R. Gang

A kind of visualization spatial clustering algorithm
G.Q. Fan & L.P. Ma

A dynamic packet assignment algorithm based on ECC
Y.Q. Zhang & L. Yang

A novel foreign object debris classification method for runway security
B. Niu, H.B. Gu & Z.X. Gao

Feature selection in medical text classification based on Differential Evolution Algorithm
H.Y. Zhou, Q.R. Zhang, H.X.Wang & D. Zhang

Improving autocorrelation performance of 2-Dimensional Coupled Logistic (2DCL) sequence using phase space methods
B. Chen

Wavelength dependent birefringence in dual-core hybrid Photonic Crystal Fibre
Y. Liu, Q. Pan, X.G. Xie, Y.L. Che & J.H. Li

Remote measurement and control system of nuclear radiation environmental accident emergency
H.M. Zhong, H. Yuan & G.Q. Zeng

Research on superior mobile communications based on a fibre optic repeater system in a coal mine
W. Li, H.M. Kang, C.F. Jia, X.L. Jiang &W.G. Zhao

A staircase modulation scheme for the MMC allowing fundamental switching frequency
S.W. Ni, J.H. Su, J.W. Li, H. Gao & S.L. Zhou

The identification and control method of a multiple audio codec based on volume settings
X.G. Xie, F.J. Zhang, H.Y. Shi, Q. Gao & Y.H. Han

The improved delay scheduling algorithm on Hadoop
S.Z.Wang & B.R. Cao

An enhanced Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm based on bio-inspired computing methods
Y. Liu, K.Y. Hu, Y.L. Zhu & H.N. Chen

Based on low-carbon environment electric industry development ideas
N. Li, Y.N. Zhu & S.F. Tian

Melody composing algorithm for lyrics with meta-structures for melodic pieces
L.L. Liu &Y. Feng

Reappearing and interacting with real scenes system designs based on CAVE
X.Q. Duan, Y.Wang & J. Ou

A racing game's design with research into its impact on users' behaviour based on teleoperation
X.Q. Duan, J. Ou & Y.Wang

A MIMU-based gait and pace detection system designed for human powered energy harvest devices
J.H. Bai & L.Y. Zhao

The contextual expression of fresco art in the information society
Y. Zhang

The analysis of digital design's application in textile design
B. Feng & C.L. Cai

An investigation on smartphone user behaviour and dependency
H.I. Chen, Y.C. Chen & C.S. Lee

The secondary development of CMACAST management system in Shenyang City and counties
L.Y. Sun & J.W.Wu

A study on operational standardization of urban delivery vehicles
Y.C. Lv

Fuzzy clustering based on intuitionistic fuzzy similarity relations
J. Li, J. Zhang & Y.L. Jiang

Designing human-computer interaction software
Y. Yang

Analysis and simulation of a flue gas flow model with a 90 rectangular large-diameter bend
L.H. Li, P.Wang, J. Zhou, X. Liu & Q. Song

A new fast gas recognition algorithm based on the ion mobility spectrum
B. Liu, Y.W. Jiang, J. Zhao, G.W. Zhang & J. Yang

An improved medical imaging denoising method based on independent component analysis
H.Wang, Z.Q. Li, X.D. Kang & W.Y. Yu

Design of a relay protection algorithm based on Matlab/Simulink and FPGA 181
Z.J. Qu, Y.X. Yuan, P.F. Hu & H.H. Lu

Study on the development trend of fire detection alarm systems
W.G. Li,W.D. Zhao, K.K. Han, H.J. Chen & H.Y. Xiong

Exploration and practice for the agricultural value of unmanned helicopters
T.Y. Meng

MRI image segmentation using information granules and MRFs
S.Y. Xie, Y.N. Dang & F.Wang

A v-support vector regression for the inversion of sound speed profiles
Y.D. Xu & J.L. Li

Metallogenic prediction based on GIS through automatic database building and extraction of regional gravity and magnetic structure
S.S. Ye, S.C.Wang, Y.X. Ye, G.X. Zhao & F. Teng

The research for informatization online music enterprise and its integration strategies
D.L. Sun, Y. Li, Y. Yu & T.T. Cai

Author index
Young Min Song, Kyung Sup Kwak