Unauthorized - 
      Marisol Clark-Ibáñez
      Richelle S. Swan


Portraits of Latino Immigrants

; Richelle S. Swan

Portraits of Undocumented Latino Immigrants takes readers inside the diverse worlds of undocumented Latino immigrants in the United States, exploring the myths and realities of education, healthcare, work, deportation, and more. Les mer
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Portraits of Undocumented Latino Immigrants takes readers inside the diverse worlds of undocumented Latino immigrants in the United States, exploring the myths and realities of education, healthcare, work, deportation, and more. This book aims to dispel common misconceptions while introducing readers to the real people behind the headlines.
 takes readers inside the diverse worlds of undocumented Latino immigrants in the United States. Chapters explore the myths and realities of topics including education, healthcare, work, deportation, and more. As immigration remains a controversial topic in the United States, this book aims to dispel common misconceptions about immigration while introducing readers to the real people behind the headlines.

The topic of undocumented immigration has received tremendous attention—from the debate on immigration reform to the Executive Actions of President Obama to the growing numbers of unaccompanied minors from Central America and more. In addition, the Syrian refugee crisis and the anti-immigrant discourse of presidential candidate Donald Trump have enraged many observers and emboldened others. This book provides factual information to readers who are interested in learning more about these issues and the people who are labeled “illegal.” Each chapter draws on both existing and original research to provide an accessible overview of key themes, and case studies bring issues to life.
Forlag: Rowman & Littlefield
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781442273825
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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«Unauthorized: Portraits of Latino Immigrants could not come at a more timely moment. This book provides a detailed portrait of undocumented Latinx immigrants in the United States, carefully and critically dispelling common myths with facts and real stories. Unauthorized is essential reading for educators, students, members of the media, and policymakers.»

«Through this important work, Clark-Ibáñez and Swan, chapter by chapter, dispel the many fallacies promoted by current politics and media about Latinx undocumented people in the U.S. The authors' socio-historical lens is also helpful in unpacking why the dominant media and political narratives around Latinx immigrants are so pervasive, as well as how current U.S. policies around immigration create more problems than they solve. This book should be essential reading for anyone working with Latinx undocumented immigrants but it will be particularly informative for staff and faculty in Hispanic Serving Institutions who first need to have substantive and accurate conversations about these students in order to design more relevant and effective support systems.»

«Undocumented immigrants confront a myriad of challenges while carrying out their daily lives in America. California State University sociology professors Clark-Ibañez and Swan present a meticulously researched and rigorously annotated book for the general reader that focuses on "the inherent rights of all people to be treated with respect and dignity.” They thoroughly explore the challenges faced by unauthorized immigrants in the areas of education, labor, health, law, and representation in the media. Each chapter is enlivened with real people’s life stories and contains a wealth of resources for immigrants, community members, and advocates. Additionally, Clark-Ibañez and Swan carefully analyze the immigration situation in the U.S. within the global context of people on the move worldwide. Ending with a hopeful concluding chapter which emphasizes people's resiliency and generosity, the authors present recommendations that range from fantastical (open borders) to possible (comprehensive immigration reform) solutions for each arena of study. With its bounty of richly drawn context and bounty of relevant information and useful resources, this will be a welcome addition to all collections.»


«An essential, illuminating, well-researched text. Clark-Ibáñez and Swan blend secondary data sources with narratives and testimonies to counter the prevalent misinformation about undocumented migration. This book is an intervention, a clarification, and an educational tool. My students often ask me for reliable resources to expand their understanding and to equip them with knowledge to talk to their families, friends, and coworkers about undocumented migration. This is the book I will point them to.»

«Unauthorized: Portraits of Latino Immigrants is an engaging, accessible, and myth-busting book filled with relevant literature, personal testimonies, art, and media. Woven throughout are powerful examples of activism and concrete strategies for change. Unauthorized should be required reading— especially for educators, health practitioners, and policy makers.»

«Marisol Clark-Ibáñez and Richelle S. Swan have written an important book for our time. In the midst of current U.S. anti-immigrant discourse and policies, they regenerate the discussion on immigration through the lens of social justice. In doing so, they ardently work to shatter myths that criminalize undocumented immigrants and deny them the most basic resources. Unauthorized: Portraits of Latino Immigrants is indeed an accessible book we can all learn from and use to advocate for human rights.»

«Unauthorized makes a timely and critical contribution to public understanding about the lives of undocumented immigrants. By combining existing research on immigration, accessible prose, and personal stories, it addresses many longstanding myths about undocumented immigration.»

List of Boxes and Tables
1 Introduction
Taking a Critical Human Rights Approach
A Quick Look at the Numbers
Why We Focus on Latinx Undocumented Immigrants
Why Is There So Much Latinx Migration?
Where Is That "Line"?
Can a Person "Get in Line" by Being Sponsored by a
Family Member?
Social Institutions-For All of Us
Chapter Overview
2 The Double-Edged Sword of the Media
Portrait of Magdalena
Myth and Myth Busted
Media Framing of Immigration and Immigrants
Creating a Moral Panic About Immigration
Mixed Messages: Mainstream Media Coverage of Latinxs
The Latinx Disconnect in the Media
Media Stereotypes of Latinx Immigrants and Immigration Fueling Fear
Inventing a Criminological Story
Promoting Hate Speech
Creating Threatening Imagery
Moments of Mainstream Media Resistance
Humane Representations of Immigrants and Immigration
Television Shows
Documentaries and Feature Films
User-Generated Digital and Social Media
3 Shortchanged-Work and Labor
Portrait of Arturo
Myth and Myth Busted
The Economic Contributions of Unauthorized Immigrants
The Surprising Role of the IRS
Myth and Myth Busted
The Segmented Labor Market and the Myth of Job Displacement
Labor Rights for Undocumented Workers
Agricultural Work: Backbreaking and Essential
Day Laborers: Vulnerable on the Streets
Aging White Americans and Undocumented Workers
Undocumented Women Workers
Reporting Workplace Abuse
Working Children and Youth
Children and Agriculture: Major Loopholes Leading to Inequality
Poultry and Meat Processing: Dangerous Work for Undocumented
North Carolina Hog Workers
Nebraska Meatpackers
Workplace Raids and Deportation
Undocumented Professionals: Smart, Persistent, and Committed to
the Cause
The Role of Visas for Undocumented Workers
"America's Got Immigrant Talent!"
Proposing a Human-Right-to-Work Framework
4 Educational Dreams and Barriers
Portrait of Erika
Myth and Myth Busted
The (Leaking) Educational Pipeline for Undocumented Students
Financial Barriers and Opportunities
Place Matters: Educational Access Driven by Location
Important Education Legislation
Plyler v. Doe (1982): Guaranteeing Undocumented Children and
Youth Public Education
The Federal DREAM Act: A Not-Yet-Realized Pathway for
Undocumented Youth Dreamer Identity
Dreamer Identity
Becoming DACAmented: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
School as a Safe Zone: Protection from Immigration Enforcement
Feeling "In Between"
Returning to the Mexican Educational System Through Deportation
or Necessity
Undocumented Voices for Advocacy
The Importance of Allies
Inspiring Educational Alternatives
Freedom University
University of the People
Becoming an Ally
Including the Original Dreamers in Immigration Reform
5 Freefall with No Safety Net: Health
Portrait of Blanca
Myth and Myth Busted
Myth and Myth Busted
The Emergency Room: The Only Remaining Federal Protection
How States "Do" (or Don't Do) Health Care for
Undocumented Immigrants
Health Care Approaches of Selected States: New York, California,
and Texas
New York-"Lady Liberty's Message"
California-"A Ray of Hope"
Texas-High Need, Oppressive Tactics
The Difference a County Makes
The Crucial Role of Community Clinics
Effects of Immigration Policies: Bad for Health
Undocumented Children and Youth
Dental Care: Urgent Need and Few Resources
Creation of a Mental Health Crisis
Mental Health and Youth
Harmful for Health: Raids, Detention, and Deportation
Detention Centers: Troubling Solution, Terrifying Health Effects
Children in Detention: Inflicting More Harm
Doctors' Moral Compasses and Professional Ethics
6 Legal Issues, Detention, and Deportation
Portraits of Detention and Deportation from the News
Myth and Myth Busted
Crimmigration and the Immigration Industrial Complex
Crimmigration = The Criminalization of Migrants
The Effect of "Free" Trade Agreements
Debunking the Criminal Immigrant Stereotype
Imperfectly Addressing Immigrant Victimization: The U-Visa
and T-Visa
The Scope and Enforcement Methods of Customs and Border
Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Customs and Border Protection and the 100 Air-Mile Zone
Use of Force Claims Against the CBP
Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Interior Enforcement
Chilling Changes in ICE's Policies and Enforcement
Apprehensions in Formerly Protected Places and of Formerly
Protected People
Federal Budgeting for Increased Detection, Detention,
and Deportation
An Overview of the Removal Process
Operation Streamline: Moving Immigration Matters to the
Criminal Courts
Separating Families
The State of Detention Centers
The Financial Benefits of Detention
Legal Roots of the Modern Era of Deportation
Deformalized Methods of Deportation
"Deporters in Chief " and Zero Tolerance
Legal Representation in Deportation Cases
Deportation Hearings in Detention Centers
Veterans and Deportation
7 Resistance and Social Change
Myth and Myth Busted
Myth and Myth Busted
Key Groups Working for Social Change
Strategizing for Change
Flipping the Script: The Use of Frame-Shifting Strategies
Marching for Justice
"Coming Out" Through Testimonios and Truth-Telling
Transgressing Through Civil Disobedience and Direct Action
Sitting-In and Staying Put
Infiltrating Detention Centers
Hunger Striking Against Injustice
Boycotting Consumption and Companies
Creating and Distributing Art
Self-Deporting and Asserting the Right to Entry
Creating Spaces of Sanctuary
8 Conclusion
Legal Issues, Detention, and Deportation
Resistance and Social Movements
The Relevance of Global Migration Patterns
Marisol Clark-Ibáñez is associate professor of sociology at California State University San Marcos. She is the author of Undocumented Latino Youth.

Richelle Swan is associate professor of sociology and criminology and criminal justice studies at California State University San Marcos. She is co-author of Juvenile Delinquency in a Diverse Society and co-editor of Through the Eye of Katrina: Social Justice in the United States.