Bavarian Illuminati - René Le Forestier

Bavarian Illuminati

The Rise and Fall of the World's Most Secret Society

; Jon E. Graham (Oversetter)

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Forlag: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 912
ISBN: 9781644113776
Format: 25 x 18 cm

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«“The ‘Illuminati’ concept can be found on the lips of practically every conspiracy theorist today. It is therefore both timely and salutary that the world’s greatest study of the real, not speculative, Illuminati has, after more than a century, finally appeared in English thanks to Jon E. Graham’s superb translation of the original work by French historian René Le Forestier (1868-951). A vast work, evincing painstaking scholarship, Le Forestier provides certain evidence for every aspect of Adam Weishaupt’s creation of genius: a radical form of Freemasonry dedicated to establishing an egalitarian social order and philosophical principle. Now that Graham has given us the definitive English version of this classic, which includes an excellent history of early German Masonry, none but the willfully ignorant need loosely bandy about the term ‘Illuminati’ again; this vital text demythologizes the word itself.”»

TOBIAS CHURTON, author of The Magus of Freemasonry

«“An impressive and informative study of how Adam Weishaupt’s original, magical, and humanist idealism bloomed into a powerful force that still affects many layers of Western culture today.”»

CARL ABRAHAMSSON, author of Occulture

«“In a world where the term ‘Illuminati’ is ubiquitous yet clouded by fantasy, Jon E. Graham’s new translation of this classic study brings rigor, clarity, and an exquisitely rare dose of real historicism to our understanding of these esoteric and social renegades. In a culture suffused with paranoia-for-sale, René Le Forestier’s work forms a revolutionary countercurrent.”»

MITCH HOROWITZ, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club

«“In the annals of secret societies, the Bavarian Illuminati holds a special place in both history and legend. This book, better than any other, provides solid documentation on the order based on primary evidence and is therefore an indispensable source for any rational investigation of the subject.”»

STEPHEN E. FLOWERS, PH.D., author of The Fraternitas Saturni

«“The legend of the Illuminati has cast a long shadow over world history--inspiring mystics, artists, and musicians. Now, at last, Jon Graham’s masterful translation of René Le Forestier’s exposé of the world’s mostarcane secret society opens the vault of the mysteries of the true Illuminati--for those brave enough to step through.”»

JASON LOUV, author of John Dee and the Empire of Angels