Hollywood and Israel - Tony Shaw

Hollywood and Israel

A History

; Giora Goodman

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Forlag: Columbia University Press
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780231183413
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«Combining pioneering research with meticulous scholarship, this wonderful book illuminates an unknown dimension of Hollywood history and the U.S.-Israel “special relationship.” With a cast of world-famous actors, mighty moguls, colorful propagandists, and a rabbi to the stars, it’s also a hugely entertaining read.»

«The authors dutifully recall the best-known events in this story – an entire chapter is devoted to the planning, production and lengthy afterlife of Otto Preminger’s 1960 adaptation of Leon Uris’s Exodus (1958), starring Paul Newman – and they namecheck all the major Jewish and non-Jewish Hollywood figures who have embraced Israel and the Zionist cause, from Kirk Douglas and Elizabeth Taylor to Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra. But where the book most impresses is in its exploration of lesser-known aspects of the relationship, including the activity of studio moguls, lawyers and government officials.»

, Times Literary Supplement

«[An] engaging new book . . . The deeply researched, artfully written Hollywood and Israel documents the extensive and occasionally absurdist tentacles of the California connection.»

, Foreign Policy

«The book is replete with cinematic moments depicting Israel.»

, Times of Israel

«This pathbreaking book documents the complex relationship between the U.S. film industry and the state of Israel from its origins to the present. It is a history of activism within Hollywood and the attempts of the government of Israel to encourage and steer that activism, punctuated by crises and moments of introspection. Milestone films like Exodus and Munich are here, but so are forgotten documentaries and passion pieces by stars like Kirk Douglas as well as TV spectaculars to celebrate major anniversaries of Israel’s founding. Shaw and Goodman are sober and objective in their tone and meticulous in their documentation. In one volume they have added a major element in our collective understanding of Hollywood's place in foreign policy.»

«This is a brilliant book, acute and perceptive. It rests on an amazing range of unused archives, including American, Israeli, and Arab sources and, more unusually, those of stars of film and the streaming services—and it is beautifully written.»

«This book is well researched, as well as informative and entertaining.»

Man of La Books

«In Hollywood and Israel: A History, Tony Shaw and Giora Goodman set the record straight about the relationship between Israel and Hollywood and provide interesting insights into both.»

, Washington Examiner

«[This] book’s greatest strength lies in its elucidation of the economic dimension of the relationship between Hollywood and Israel.»

, Jewish Currents

«The links between Hollywood and Israel are many and this book will give the reader a detailed course in both.»

, Jewish Journal

«A meticulously researched and thoughtful account of the financial and emotional ties between two sets of world-class mythmakers—the creators of the Hollywood dream factory and the builders of the modern Jewish state.»

, Moment