New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Sustainable Agriculture: Revisiting Green Chemicals

Harikesh Bahadur Singh (Redaktør) ; Anukool Vaishnav (Redaktør)

Sustainable Agriculture: Revisiting Green Chemicals discusses green technologies that help us to understand new green chemicals to reduce plant pathogens and induce plant growth as well as soil health. Les mer
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Sustainable Agriculture: Revisiting Green Chemicals discusses green technologies that help us to understand new green chemicals to reduce plant pathogens and induce plant growth as well as soil health. The most used green chemicals are antioxidants, osmoprotectants, and phytohormones. This book brings together the most relevant information on how we can use microbial resources to develop new formulations for these types of chemicals and technologies for field application. The book offers reference material to chemical engineers, biochemists, agrochemists, industrialists, researchers, and scientists working on sustainable agriculture.
Forlag: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780323855815
Format: 24 x 19 cm

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1. Alternative strategies to synthetic chemical fertilizers: revitalization of soil quality for sustainable agriculture using organic-based approaches 2. Application of biostimulants to improve agronomic and physiological responses of plants: a review 3. Green Nanotechnology: A Paradigm, Panacea and New Perspective For Sustainable Agriculture 4. Feasibility and Challenges of Biopesticides Application 5. How the soil nitrogen nutrient promotes plant growth- a critical assessment 6. Morphological and Phytochemical Changes of Cannabis Sativa L. Affected by Light Spectra 7. Application of phosphite as a biostimulant in agriculture 8. Sustainable mainframes for control of early shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus (Snellen) in sugarcane crop 9. Levulinic acid: a potent green chemical in sustainable agriculture 10. Role of Chitosan in eco-friendly management of plant diseases for sustainable agriculture 11. Role of trehalose in induced abiotic stress tolerance and plant-rhizobia interaction 12. Combinative effect of seed priming with PGPR and green chemicals on plant growth and stress tolerance 13. Burgeoning trends using green chemicals to impede the obliterating invasive insects 14. Routing microbial biosurfactants to agriculture for revitalization of soil and plant growth 15. Nano-priming in sustainable agriculture: Recent Advances, Emerging Challenges and Future Prospective 16. Toxicological assessment of biobased products: trends and challenges 17. Advance technology for Biostimulants in Agriculture 18. Chitin and chitosan as elicitors in sustainable production of medicinal crops 19. Deciphering the role of phytohormones in the regulation of AM fungal symbiosis and mechanisms involved 20. Bio preservation: an alluring method to safeguard food from spoilage 21. Sustainable Agriculture Through Improved on Farm Processing Techniques and Value Added Organic Food Products
Prof. H. B. Singh works as Distinguished Professor, Department of Biotechnology, GLA University, Mathura from August 1, 2020 to date. He is a Visiting Professor at Cornell University and University of Illinois, USA, Sau Paulo State University, Sorocaba, Brazil. He is honoured with 22 National and International prestigious awards including the CSIR Award for S&;T Innovation and Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Successfully completed 21 research projects funded by various funding agencies. Established fruitful research collaborations with academic and industry researchers and published jointly with national and international collaborators in high impact journals and obtained 19 patents Dr. Anukool Vaishnav is working as a Postdoctoral Scientist (Swiss excellence fellow) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He is also associated with the Department of Biotechnology, GLA University, India, as an Assistant Professor. He has operated the SERB-National Postdoctoral Fellowship as Principal Investigator at the Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. As an active researcher, he has published more than 45 publications and 6 books. He has also received several fellowships and young scientist awards from different agencies.