Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - Hamid R. Arabnia

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Hamid R. Arabnia (Redaktør) ; Quoc-Nam Tran (Redaktør) ; Mary Q. Yang (Redaktør) ; George Jandieri (Redaktør) ; Ashu M. G. Solo (Redaktør) ; Fernando G. Tinetti (Redaktør)

Includes topics such as: Gene Expression and Representation, Sequencing, Computational Biology and Medical Applications. Les mer
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Includes topics such as: Gene Expression and Representation, Sequencing, Computational Biology and Medical Applications.
Forlag: C. S. R. E. A.
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781601322654
Format: 28 x 20 cm

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Session: Gene Expression and Representation, Microarray, Sequencing, Alignment, and Related Bioinformatics Issues
1) Investigating the Stability of Housekeeping Genes Using Microarray Datasets
2) A Comparative Analysis of Computational Indel Calling Pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing Data
3) Relevance of Information in Cell Signaling Pathways Using Default Logic
4) A Hybrid Clustering Algorithm and Functional Study of Gene Expression in Lung Adenocarcinoma
5) Gene Collector V1.1: A User-friendly Bilingual Gene Data Mining Software
6) An Algorithmic and Computational Approach to Open Reading Frames in Short dsdna Sequences: Evaluation of Carr's 'Conjecture'
7) Gene Expression Profile Classification in Random Feature Space
8) Grid Computing-Based Sequence Alignment
Session: Computational Biology and Medical Applications + Health Informatics and Related Issues
1) Intentionally-Linked Entities: A Database System for Health Care Informatics
2) Determining Biological Trends Using Machine Learning Techniques
3) A Histogramming Neural-Net Image Classifier of Some Triatomin Vectors of Chagas Disease
4) Model of Diagnosis Knowledge Base Ontology Framework based on Clinical Practice Guidelines
5) An Image-Euclidean-Distance Classifier of Some Triatomine Vectors of Chagas Disease
6) Blood Vessel Detection in Images from Laser-Heated Skin
7) Proposal of Smart Blood Banks Central Distribution System in Saudi Arabia
8) Predicting the Co-receptors (CCR5 and CXCR4) of the Viruses R5, X4 and R5X4 that Cause AIDS (HIV-1) in Cells CD4 Using The Bayes Classifier
9) Biomechanical Evaluation for Fibular Allograft Combined with Impaction Bone Grafting in Treating the Femoral Head Necrosis: Thorough Debridement or Not?
10) Keratoconus Disease and Three-Dimensional Simulation of the Cornea throughout the Process of Cross-Linking Treatment
11) A Bayesian Network Classilfier of some Triatomine Vectors of Chagas Disease
12) Treatment Ontology Framework of Clinical Practice Guidelines
Session: Protein Classification and Structure Prediction, Folding, and Computational Structural Biology + Drug Design
1) An Efficient Algorithm for Protein-Protein Interaction Network Analysis to Discover Overlapping Functional Modules
2) Dynamic Protein-protein Interaction Networks and the Detection of Protein Complexes: An Overview
3) Erythritol Promotes Interfacial Stability of GAPDH
4) Computational Methods for Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction
Session: Machine Learning, Data and Information Mining + Signal Processing and Data Quality Enhancement + Databases
1) BIOBase: An Adaptable Biometric Tool & Database
2) Prediction and Rule Extraction of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Epitopes by Logic Minimization
3) Automatic EEG Bad Epoch and Artifact Removal Using Clustering
4) A Master-Slave MPI Approach for NGS Data Mining
5) Using Composite Digital Data to Improve the Interpretation of Analog Displays
6) BRATUMASS Source Separation: Multi-fractal Analysis for Near-field Microwave Signal Feature
7) Optimal Scaling Values for Time-frequency Distributions in Doppler Ultrasound Blood Flow Measurement
Session: Posters
1) KBase: An Integrated Knowledgebase for Predictive Biology and Environmental Research
2) Complex Networks Associated with Positive Selection and Drug Resistance in the Malaria Parasite
3) Real-time Photoacoustic Tomography using Linear Array Transducer and Its Phantom Evaluation
4) An Interactive Visualization Tool to Interpret Transcriptomics Data
5) A Study of the Integration of Biomedical Devices with Information Technology Systems with an emphasis on Information Quality-
Session: Late Breaking Papers And Position Papers: Bioinformatics And Computational Biology
1) Invited talk: Integrative Systems Biology Approaches to Identify Disrupted Pathways in Disease Development
2) SMIR: A Method to Predict the Residues Involved in the Core of a Protein
3) WMS4HPC, a Workflow Management System Bridge for High Performance Computing in Life Science Data Management
4) Wavelet Packet Based Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea using ECG Data
5) Biophotonic Algorithm of DNA Biophotonic Language of DNA
6) Bioinformatic Structure and Biophotonic Algorithm of the Brain
7) Review of Research on Biological Literature Text Mining
8) SBMLChecker, a Semantic Approach for SBML Model Reliability Evaluation
9) Biological System Analysis Using Integrated Bioinformatics Tools: Levels of the Central Dogma in Folate Mediate One-Carbon Metabolism (FOCM)
Hamid R. Arabnia is Professor, Computer Science; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Elected Fellow, Int'l Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science.