Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology - Tom R. Tyler

Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology

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Forlag: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781839109720
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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«‘Tracing the arc of the field of law and psychology from its inception, Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology defines the field for the modern era. The volume expertly covers classic topics such as eyewitness testimony, jury decision making, and risk assessment as well as engaging readers in contemporary issues surrounding policing, proprietary algorithms, civil justice, and more. With an engaging and accessible style, Tyler deftly introduces readers to psychology’s contributions to evidence-informed law and policy.’»

«‘This Advanced Introduction to the flourishing field of law and psychology is a tour de force by one of the field’s most prominent scholars. In accessible and engaging prose, Professor Tyler convincingly demonstrates the value of a psychological perspective on law and legal procedures. The book is a masterly integration of psychology and law, providing a comprehensive picture of the current field for newcomers and advanced scholars alike. Highly recommended! Professor Tyler draws inspiration from not only his own path-breaking research on procedural justice but also from the work of other psychologists and legal scholars and the real-world experiences of justice system practitioners. Readers will learn about psychological research that has helped improve the quality of police work and forensic examinations; has increased our understanding of eyewitness identifications and confessions; and has allowed us to better identify those who are at risk. Professor Tyler comprehensively surveys the psychological research on plea bargaining, negotiation, arbitration, trials, and sentencing, offering insights into the process of decision making at each of these points. The book also offers compelling research evidence about the persistent effects of prejudice and bias throughout the criminal and civil justice systems.’»

«‘Tom Tyler’s pathbreaking work investigating the impact of legal practices and the law on human behavior is the gold standard in the field. In this book, he gives us rich insights into landmark psychological findings about human perception and decision-making, the causes and correlates of human behavior, and the means of reducing bias that are crucial to fashioning sensible, evidence-based systems of criminal and civil justice.’»

«'This Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology discusses primary issues that matter in the law and that have a psychological component. The resulting multidisciplinary effort to address core legal questions demonstrates convincingly that the fields of law and psychology both need each other and mutually benefit from their association. This much needed overview thereby shows how systematic empirical research in different psychological fields can foster trust in law as well as trust in the modern science of law.'»

«‘Tom Tyler – the leading psychologist of law in the world – has written a magisterial appraisal of his field. Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology offers a sweeping precis and interrogation of every major legal topic on which psychological analysis has been brought to bear. The book constitutes a remarkably scholarly trifecta: broad coverage, deep analyses, and clear, jargon-free prose.’»

«‘Tom Tyler is one of the most impactful scholars in the history of the law-and-psychology movement, and surely every university course on that topic covers his work in some detail. With this book, students will have a chance to get Tyler's own perspective on this important field.’»

«‘This book provides a wonderful introduction to the many areas of the law that can be enriched by a better understanding of psychological theories and research. Unlike most other introductions to law and psychology, this book travels far beyond the courtroom to consider how psychology can help us understand and improve policing, crime policy, and public acceptance of court decisions. Great resource for students, lawyers, and judges.’»

«‘Tom Tyler does justice in providing an Advanced Introduction to Law and Psychology in this truly integrative text. Finally, this book puts psychology on equal footing with the law. Tyler avoids going down the usual scattered rabbit holes dug by legal psychologists in pursuit of narrow and convenient legal issues that align primarily with their muscular research methods. Instead, he brings broad mastery of the entire field of psychology to the full range of legal issues relevant to the timely pursuit of evidence-informed analysis and reform of the American legal system.’»

Contents: Preface Introduction to Law and Psychology 1. Overview 2. Scientific evidence and experts 3. Lineups and eyewitnesses 4. Credibility assessment: lie detection, interrogation and confession 5. Prejudice, bias and discrimination 6. Criminal responsibility 7. Sentencing, punishment and rehabilitation 8. Risk assessment 9. Civil justice 10. Legal decision-makers: judges and juries 11. Freedom, consent and subjective harm 12. Conclusion References Index
Tom R. Tyler, Macklin-Fleming Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology, Yale University, and Affiliated Research Professor, American Bar Foundation, US