Boudica:Dreaming The Serpent Spear - 
      Manda Scott

Boudica:Dreaming The Serpent Spear

(Boudica 4): An arresting and spell-binding historical epic which brings Iron-Age Britain to life

The magnificent, heart-rending final novel of the world's most famous warrior queen. Les mer
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The magnificent, heart-rending final novel of the world's most famous warrior queen.
Forlag: Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 784
ISBN: 9780553814088
Format: 18 x 11 cm

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«The conclusion of an extraordinary achievement ... a story of defeat made glorious by courage and legend, a quartet that gives us back our own history. They will be read and re-read many times»

The Independent

«Great imagination ... fast moving action and spine-tingling battles. Wonderful»

«A powerful novel, alive with the love, deceit, wisdom and the heroics of humanity»

«A stunning feat of the imagination and an absolute must-read for lovers of historical fiction»

«Manda Scott's Boudica novels are breathtakingly good.The tragic warrior queen, Boudica, is brilliantly realised. Her battles against Rome are both heart rending and magnificent»

Manda Scott began writing while still a veterinary surgeon. Her first novel, a contemporary crime thriller, Hen's Teeth was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. Subsequent thrillers are Night Mares, Stronger than Death and No Good Deed, for which she was hailed by the Times as'one of Britain's most important crime writers'.

Having served her writing apprenticeship, she went back in time to write the Boudica series, of which the first three books, Dreaming the Eagle, Dreaming the Bull and Dreaming the Hound , are also available in Bantam paperback.

Along the way, she has moved from the lands of the Eceni (Norfolk) to the lands of the Silures (Shropshire) , where she lives with her partner, her lurcher and not nearly enough cats. She teaches shamanic dreaming courses based on the ethos described in the books, insofar as it may reasonably be applied to contemporary living. For more details of the courses, the books and other events, please visit