Masculinities and the Law - Ann C. McGinley

Masculinities and the Law

A Multidimensional Approach

; Frank Rudy Cooper (Redaktør) ; Michael Kimmel (Forord)

Expands the field of masculinities and develops new thinking about important issues in feminist and critical race theories Les mer
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Expands the field of masculinities and develops new thinking about important issues in feminist and critical race theories
Forlag: New York University Press
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 315
ISBN: 9780814769690
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«A stirring array of essays on the causes and consequences of 'hegemonic masculinity' as a pervasive socio-legal system. While centering the role of law in this hegemony, the authors deploy multidimensional theory and analysis to show its power in varied contexts or local economies. This compelling collection takes masculinities studies to the next level.»

«Exciting, sophisticated, and provocative, the essays in this book illustrate the full range and power of masculinities theory as it comes of age in legal scholarship. While resisting the urge to claim a 'theory of everything,' the contributors make clear that familiarity with masculinities studies is a must for all those doing work in the intersections of gender, class, race, citizenship, sexuality, and law. This book successfully transcends disciplinary boundaries, resists the demonization of feminism, and points the way toward a truly counter-disciplinary and liberatory conversation about the fetters conventional masculinity places on us all.»

«In this compelling collection of essays, leading scholars bring new insights to longstanding questions about the role and meaning of masculinity. From a variety of theoretical perspectives, these authors explore the ways that gender influences conceptions of manhood, and how they differ by race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Masculinities and the Law offers a breadth and depth of analysis that reshapes our understanding of gender roles and relationships.»

«This progressive collection is a must read for both beginners and experts. The cutting edge contributors are to be congratulated for taking a multidimensional approach to masculinity theory and the law on the national and global levels. Going beyond male bashing, the volume provides the nuanced analysis necessary for a twenty-first century understanding of the complexities of gender.»

«McGinley and Coopers smartly organized anthology shows how masculinities theory is key to the development of a new legal feminism. The book critically examines what lies beneath a range of masculine veneers, from elite corporate types, to hypermasculine working-class men to the 'cool pose' of inner city teenagers. By giving equal time to race, sexuality, class and gender the book practices what it preaches: a commitment to a multidimensional concept of identity that constantly changes perspective to confront pressing social issues in full context. With attention to law, policy, and civil rights advocacy, the book takes on domestic debates about racial profiling, single-sex schools, rape in prison, grooming codes, and women in sports before moving to dissect gender controversies around the globe. Critical scholars will especially appreciate the books sophisticated take on performance theory, intersectionality and privilege.»


"This should be a useful book for social scientists as well as legal scholars...The study of masculinities and the law is currently attracting considerable interest.


, Sex Roles
Part I . Theorizing Multidimensional Masculinities1. Feminist Legal Theory Meets Masculinities Theory 2. Masculinity by Law 3. The Multidimensional Turn: Revisiting Progressive Black Masculinities 4. The King Stay the King: Multidimensional Masculinities and Capitalism in The WirePart I I . Telling Stories about (Heroic) Masculinities5. Rescue Me 6. Manliness's Paradox7. Border-Crossing Stories and Masculinities Part I I I . Que stioning S egregation in Mascul ine S pace s8. Sex Segregation, Masculinities, and Gender-Variant Individuals 9. E-race-ing Gender: The Racial Construction of Prison Rape10. Sport and Masculinity: The Promise and Limits of Title IXPart IV. Constructing Mascul initi e s in the Gl obal Context11. Masculinities and Child Soldiers in Post-Conflict Societies 12. Sexuality without Borders: Exploring the Paradoxical Connection between Dancehall and Colonial Law in Jamaica 13. Masculinities, Feminism, and the Turkish Headscarf Ban: Revisiting Sahin v. Turkey
Ann C. McGinley is William S. Boyd Professor of Law at the William S. Boyd School of Law of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Frank Rudy Cooper is Professor of Law at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael S. Kimmel is Professor of Sociology at SUNY, Stony Brook and author of Manhood in America.