Batch Lady Grab and Cook

No-fuss prep-ahead meals to make life easy

«Cookery's answer to Mrs Hinch»

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Ebury Press
25 x 20 cm

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Suzanne Mulholland, known as The Batch Lady, is a time-saving guru and family-cooking expert. She is helping thousands of people to spend less time in the kitchen by getting organised in advance and filling the freezer full of homemade ready meals saving time, money, and waste.

The Batch Lady method was developed by Suzanne to share her cookery and time management expertise to help people get organised in advance and take the stress of our daily meal times.

Suzanne worked as a time-management expert and took all the tools from her previous job and applied them to cooking when she had children. She showed a few friends how she stayed organised and made all her meals in advance, they loved it and after encouraging her to share recipes on Facebook and Instagram, The Batch Lady was born.

Suzanne currently has half a million followers across all her platforms. A regular on daytime TV, she spends her time developing recipes, writing books and articles, doing live and online demonstrations and works with brands. She is often found on the public speaking circuit as an inspirational speaker on saving time and starting up a business. Her four previous Sunday Times bestsellers are published in many countries, and she has an engaged following around the world. She lives with her husband and two teenagers on a working hill farm in the rural Scottish Borders.

'Making dinner every night can often seem like a groundhog day task, consistently taking up headspace from what to buy, what to eat, when to serve. Take the monotony away, prep these meals in a few minutes, throw them in your fridge or freezer for the week ahead and enjoy clarity of headspace’. Suzanne Mulholland (The Batch Lady)

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«Cookery's answer to Mrs Hinch»


«To say that Suzanne goes the extra mile in Grab and Cook would be a stupendous understatement. While most recipes stop once they're cooked and served, Grab and Cook gives you complete control over the ending. Are you making the recipe to eat right now? Or are you making it ahead of time to freeze for later? Will you be cooking it in the oven or air fryer? And if cooking it straight from frozen, how much longer will it take in the oven or air fryer? And of course, each recipe has all the answers. Grab and Cook is like a choose-your-own-adventure recipe book that's fuss-free and full of recipes that you'll actually make again and again.»

Becky Excell

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