Errors, Mistakes, Media

Dr Timothy Barker (Redaktør) ; Dr Maria Korolkova (Redaktør)

An exploration of the phenomenon of miscommunication as a new paradigm for media discourse in the 21st century. Les mer
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Om boka

An exploration of the phenomenon of miscommunication as a new paradigm for media discourse in the 21st century.



Timothy Barker, University of Glasgow, UK, and Maria Korolkova, University of Greenwich, UK

Chapter 1: Affirmative Imperfection Rhetoric and Aesthetics: A Genealogy
Ellen Rutten, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Chapter 2: Post Communication Theory: The Non-Dialogical
Timothy Barker, University of Glasgow, UK
Chapter 3: Miscommunication and Democratic Membership
Reidar Due, University of Oxford, UK
Chapter 4: There is No 'Error' in Techo-logics: A Radically Media-Archaeological Approach
Wolfgang Ernst, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Chapter 5: Quiet in the Forest
Frances Dyson, University of California, USA
Chapter 6: The Guardians of the Possible
Stephen Kennedy, University of Greenwich, UK
Chapter 7: Communicating the Incommunicable: Formalism and Noise in Michel Serres
Thomas Sutherland, University of Lincoln, UK

Chapter 8: Objects Mis-taken: Towards the Aesthetics of Displaced Materiality
Maria Korolkova, University of Greenwich, UK
Chapter 9: Fai(lure): Encounter with the Unstable Medium in the Work of Art
Maryam Muliaee and Mani Mehrvarz, University at Buffalo, USA
Chapter 10: A Relational Materialist Approach to Errant Media Systems: The Case of Internet Video Producers
John Hondros, City, University of London, UK
Chapter 11: Negotiating Two Models of Truth: Satire, Miscommunication and Critique in Elle (2016)
Alex Lichtenfels, University of Salford, UK

Chapter 12: Disastrous Communication: Walter Benjamin's 'The Railway Disaster at the Firth of Tay'
Dominic Smith, University of Dundee, UK
Chapter 13: Accidental Recordings: Unintentional Media Aesthetics
Ella Klik, The Polonsky Academy, Israel
Chapter 14: Desert Media. Glitches, Breakdowns, and Media Arrhythmia in the Sahara
Andrea Mariani, University of Udine, Italy

Chapter 15: The Error at the End of the Internet
Peter Krapp, University of California, Irvine, USA
Chapter 16: From Bugs to Features: An Archaeology of Errors and/in/as Computer Games
Stefan Hoeltgen, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Chapter 17: We Interrupt This Programme: On the Cultural Techniques of 'Technical Difficulties'
Joergen Rahm-Skageby, Stockholm University, Sweden
Chapter 18: Glitches as Fictional (Mis)Communication
Nele Van de Mosselaer, University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Nathan Wildman, Tilburg University, the Netherlands


Om forfatteren

Maria Korolkova is a senior lecturer in media and film studies and academic portfolio lead in media at the University of Greenwich, UK, specialising in visual culture, intermediality, film, architecture, cultural theory, and Russian culture. In her research, Maria explores themes of miscommunication and chaos, global media, visual and sonic cultures, as well as the relationship between film and architecture. Maria has curated public events in internationally renowned institutions such as The Barbican, Courtauld Institute of Arts, Regents Street Cinema, London, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and others.

Timothy Barker is a senior lecturer in digital media and the head of Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow, UK. He is the author of two books, Time and the Digital (2012) and Against Transmission (Bloomsbury, 2017), both of which outline a media philosophical approach for addressing questions of time and mediation in the contemporary world. His broad research interests include digital media theory, philosophies of technology, game studies and process philosophy.