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Fairy Tale

The No. 1 Sunday Times Bestseller

«There is a splendid climactic battle . . . King's delight in the world he has created is infectious and there's much to revel in here»

Daily Telegraph
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Hodder & Stoughton
24 x 16 cm


«There is a splendid climactic battle . . . King's delight in the world he has created is infectious and there's much to revel in here»

Daily Telegraph

«With ogres and castles, maidens and pots of gold, this is a fairy story through-and-through. Because it's Stephen King's, it's a Once-Upon-A-Time tale like no other»

Daily Mail

«Fairy Tale is a multiverse-traversing, genre-hopping intertextual mash-up, with plenty of Easter eggs for regular King devotees . . . allusions and homages abound . . . a page-turner driven by memorably strange encounters and well-rendered, often thrilling action»

New York Times Book Review

«Fairy Tale is vintage, timeless King, a transporting, terrifying treat born from multiple lockdowns which, in true King style, puts its finger right on that tender point which is the threshold between childhood and growing up»


«The latest addictive thriller from King»

The List

«King's reputation precedes him, and his spellbinding new novel is magnificent and terrifying»

Living North Magazine

«The hailed King of masterful writing has pierced the page with mighty words once again, releasing a whopping fantasy novel, reminiscent of the haunting magnificence of those Brothers Grimms . . . Fairy Tale soars, allowing you to bask happily ever after in its unforgettable spell»

Buzz Magazine

«A blazing flash of creativity . . . King's best book in over a decade»


«A really enjoyable and enthralling read, both exciting and enchanting, and yet another captivating tale from the pen of Stephen King»

The Afterword

«A fantasy gem . . . King tells this wonderfully fantastical tale with such effortless skill that the reader cannot help but fully invest in Charlie and all the characters, his evocation of late 20th-century small-town USA and its people pitch perfect, and his descriptions of the parallel world of Empis . . . vividly terrifying»

Irish Independent

«Some brilliantly written escapism . . . featuring a loyal dog, a grieving hero and childhood fears and dreams made real . . . King at his finest»

Evening Standard

«A spellbinding tale that bursts with imagination»

Woman's Own

«Stephen King is the world's greatest storyteller. Fairy Tale had me enchanted from page one. I remain in total awe at his genius»

David Walliams

«Magnificent . . . a doorstop chronicle of small-town America, and the battle between good and evil. Classic King, and clearly written with joy . . . He is one of the best writers on childhood and teenagers, which continues in Fairy Tale»

Richard Osman, The Sunday Times

«The master storyteller returns with a spellbinding story of mysterious houses, parallel worlds and reluctant heroes as an ordinary high school kid discovers a portal to a universe populated by classic fairy tale archetypes»


«If you've ever enjoyed classic King - coming-of-age stories grounded as much in suburban neighbourhoods as in supernatural fairylands - you will enjoy this»

Literary Review

«A dark, dazzlingly inventive fantasy novel»

Daily Mirror, Best Books of 2022

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