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An Oprah's Book Club Pick

«A masterpiece . . . Lila is a superb creation»

Publishers Weekly

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- Targeted, review-driven advertising - Major social media promotion around publication


Virago Press Ltd
20 x 13 cm
Winner of American National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction 2015 UK. Long-listed for Warwick Prize for Writing 2015 UK and Man Booker Prize 2015 UK and International Dublin Literary Award 2016 UK.

Om forfatteren

Marilynne Robinson, author of Housekeeping, Gilead, Home, Lila and Jack, is the winner of the Hemingway PEN award, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Women's Prize for Fiction and has twice been nominated for the International Booker Prize. She has also published six volumes of essays. In 2012 she was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Obama and in 2016 she was given The Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction and was one of Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people. She lives in Iowa.


«A masterpiece . . . Lila is a superb creation»

Publishers Weekly

«One of the greatest living novelists . . . [Lila is] just as wise, moving and genuine as its predecessors»

Harper's Bazaar

«Deeply moving, almost transformative . . . frank and direct, but occasionally moved to ecstasy by the spirit»

Sunday Times

«Tinged with heartbreaking beauty»


«Robinson writes beautifully and, as a sophisticated religious thinker, asks searching questions about faith and doubt»


«The novel of the year for me was Lila by Marilynne Robinson, revisiting the fictional Gilead of her three previous novels. The prose, as always, is magnificent, pitch-perfect, carrying a moral authority, a gravitas and a spiritual depth. There really is nobody else writing like this»


«This superb novel can only add to [Robinson's] already stratospherically high reputation»

Daily Mail

«Although Lila revisits the characters of Robinson's previous books, Gilead, a Pulitzer prizewinner, and Home, a finalist in the American National Book Awards, and brings a certain completeness to their journeys, the book stands well on its own as a powerful search for the meaning of life as well as a touching and unlikely story of love and, ultimately, hope»

The Times

«Robinson is a glorious writer . . . This novel, different in tone from its predecessors, stands beautifully alongside them»

Financial Times

«There is no one quite like this American writer, or quite as good as her . . . extraordinarily fluent and pitch perfect prose»


«Measured and lyrical; the sound of this book is akin at times to the Cormac McCarthy of The Road . . . Robinson writes brilliantly about the way people dance warily around each other, never quite coinciding, stricken with longing and love»

Literary Review

«This third novel in the sequence is, in many ways, the most adventurous of all . . . Lila is the work of an exceptional novelist at the peak of her capacity»

New Statesman

«Lila is a really beautiful book: beautiful prose, beautiful story; morally beautiful too. After reading it the world seems more dazzling, fuller of wonder and mystery than it did before, as if you were newly in love. I wish I could persuade everyone who ever buys a book to read this one»


«A sumptuous, graceful, and ultimately life-affirming novel»

Independent on Sunday

«Lila is a deeply affecting exploration of existence, love and the inevitability of loneliness. And although enriched by the two preceding books, it has the strength, beauty and originality to be read, enjoyed and appreciated as a standalone work. Written in beautiful, poetic prose, it's a remarkable achievement»


«Robinson has made a world so palpable and full that each book can stand alone...Taken together, these books will surely be known as one of the great achievements of contemporary literature»


«Searching and full of grace»

Daily Telegraph

«Told with measured and absorbing elegance, this account of the growing love and trust between Lila and Reverend Ames is touching and convincing.»

Scotland on Sunday

«Robinson explores eternity, and she does so in a quiet, ruminative style that takes over your heart as well as your head. Once you've fallen under her spell, she's not just mesmerising but indispensable»

Intelligent Life (The Economist)

«Robinson's writing can light up consciousness, and make even the most passing thoughts feel indelible. Her older sister in American literature is Emily Dickinson»


«The Gilead novels provide insights into a people whose fates are bound to the land they live on. Iowa must be proud to have such a chronicler among them»

Sunday Express

«Mesmerising . . . reminiscent of the great Victorian novelists . . . Robinson's exquisitely wrought prose resonates»

Mail on Sunday

«Lila has a power beyond words»


«Her questioning books express wonder: they are enlightening, in the best sense, passionately contesting our facile, recycled understanding of ourselves and of our world»


«Lila was the book of books this year, an amazing achievement»

Sunday Herald

«One of the finest writers in America»

The Economist

«Intricate and beautiful»

Evening Standard

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