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Synthesis, Chemistry, and Biological Applications

N-Sulfonated-N-Heterocycles covers the synthesis, chemistry and biological applications of these compounds, focusing on pioneering synthetic approaches, mechanistic insights and their limitations, as well as recent advances in this field. Les mer

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N-Sulfonated-N-Heterocycles covers the synthesis, chemistry and biological applications of these compounds, focusing on pioneering synthetic approaches, mechanistic insights and their limitations, as well as recent advances in this field. The synthesis of some of N-sulfonated N-heterocycles and their transformation to other useful cyclic and acyclic compounds are discussed, as well as their uses as useful intermediates in the preparation of polymeric and medicinal materials. This book includes detailed methods and protocols, and the focus on applications makes this resource an essential guide for all researchers in the area of organic, medicinal and polymeric synthetic study.


Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
28 x 22 cm

Om forfatteren

Galal H. Elgemeie is the author of over 270 scientific international papers on heterocyclic chemistry and medicinal chemistry. His research interests include the development and mechanistic understanding of organic reactions and their application to the synthesis of antimetabolic agents. He was an international elected member of the Scientific Board of the International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP), UNESCO, in Paris, France. He was a postdoctoral fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, the Fulbright in USA, the British Council in England, and then the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Germany. He supervised several cooperation projects with the European Community under the TEMUPS programme, Prof. Elgemeie was nominated as one of the leading scientists of the COMSTECH in the year 2009 Report. Prof. Elgemeie's research activities have received many awards including The African Union Scientific Award "Continental Scientific Award" in Science and Technology, The ISESCO Scientific Award and The Egypt State Honor Award "NILE", among many others. Rasha Azzam, Professor of Organic Chemistry, is an active researcher in the area of organic chemistry (from drug design and synthesis to drug delivery). She obtained her PhD from Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, under a research fellowship and supervision of Distinguished Research Prof. Georges Hoornaert and Prof. Frans Compernolle. After her PhD, she assumed her position as an Assistance Professor at Helwan University. During her tenure at Helwan University, she was appointed as assistant/associate professor at three different universities before returning back to her position at Helwan University. Azzam was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Member Award in 2007 and the Silver Medal from ASRT in 2018. She has published more than forty international peer-reviewed publications in addition to several international conference presentations. She has supervised more that fifteen graduate-level theses and secured funding for over seven major educational grants. Wafaa Zaghary is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the head and founder of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University. She is one of the expert Egyptian medicinal chemists especially in the design and synthesis of new chemical scaffolds targeting cancer. In addition, she had been involved in the nano-nuclear pharmacy research and radiopharmaceutical fields. Prof. Zaghary with her group had discovered novel tumor imaging agent with nanographene oxide sheets (2022), DNA gyrase & topoisomerase IV inhibitors (2021), Novel thienopyrimidine analogues as potent mGR-1 inhibitors with anticancer activity (2021), coumarin-based lead compound with CDK-4 inhibitory and anticancer activity (2021), Nano-selenium platforms as protective agents for hepatocellular carcinoma (2021), new aldose reductase inhibitors with anticancer action (2019), potential EGFR inhibitors (indazole, quinazoline, and quinolones) (2019). She has been involved in many research projects (Helwan University), (King Saud University) and (National Research Centre in Egypt). In 2018, She received the ‘’outstanding research award’’ Helwan University. Prof Ashraf Aly, is Professor of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt. He Work as a Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development. He published nearly 180 papers (H-index: 24). He got the State’s Encouragement National Prize in Organic Chemistry (2004), and the University Appreciation Prize in Basic Sciences (2019). International University Publication prizes from 2013 till 2021. He got scholarships: DFG, DAAD and 3-MET. He is an Editorial board and a reviewer, in numerous international journals and a membership in the permanent committee for the promotion degree for Professors. He was in the scientific group of Prof Henning Hopf, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Braunschweig University, Germany. He has a prospective collaboration with Prof Stefan Bräse, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and Prof Alan B. Brown, Florida Institute of Technology, USA. Prof. Nadia Metwally, is Professor of Organic Chemistry in Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Her research interests include the synthesis of N-sulfonated heterocyclic compounds and their applications, green chemistry and medicinal chemistry. She supervised the work of more than 35 master and doctoral students in synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as anticancer, antiviral, antimicrobial and drug delivery. She is a referee for several International and National scientific Journals. She has published more than 75 papers in different journals related to Elsevier and Springer, Bentham and others. Prof. Metwally research activities have received many awards including the Cairo University prize for the distinct researches in Chemistry in 2007. Prof. Nadia Metwally supervised several cooperation projects such as a project with Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology entitled Design and synthesis of some novel N-sulfonylated pyrazoles as inhibitors of coronavirus. Mona Sarhan is the lecturer of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority and an IAEA trained Radio-pharmacist. A member of the quality control team in the Egyptian-Chinese project for production of Gel 99m-Technitium generators. Since 2018 she has been a visiting lecturer at different Egyptian Universities teaching medicinal chemistry and the basic concepts of drug design. Currently, her research interest links the fields of medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, rational design and radio-pharmacy to seek an opportunity to develop targeted therapeutics. Elshimaa Abdelhafez, is Associate professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Minia University, Minia, Egypt. In 2008, she received her master degree from Faculty of Pharmacy, Minia University, meanwhile, in 2013; her PhD was in pharmaceutical medicinal chemistry as a channel scholarship between wake forest university, North Carolina, USA and Minia University, Minia, Egypt. She has earned six national awards for publication from Minia University for the period 2016 to 2021. She published 28 literatures in various international journals and 7 national papers. She writes and develops educational materials and contributes in teaching special topics in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry for 18 years. Rasha Essam, a senior research assistant at American University in Cairo (AUC), obtained her MSc degree in organic chemistry from Helwan University in 2019 under the supervision of Professor Galal Elgemeie. Her master research focused on preparation of biologically active sulfonamide analogs and loading the most potent antibacterial compounds into nanofiber delivery systems for their use in wound healing. In 2017 till now, she worked as research assistant in two scientific projects at the laboratory of Professor Tarek Madkour, at AUC, where she developed biodegradable polymer composites, in addition to functionalization of natural polymers. One of these projects is awarded the Silver Medal from Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in 2018.

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