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Deep Ocean

Life in the Abyss

«I am at a loss for words to tell you how much I have appreciated this book."---David Gascoigne, Travels with Birds»

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Princeton University Press
28 x 22 cm


«I am at a loss for words to tell you how much I have appreciated this book."---David Gascoigne, Travels with Birds»

«The most fantastic book. . . . It’s really accessible, explains in really clear, clear detail how the oceans work, how they change, what real impacts the ocean can have in our lives, and overall it’s a fascinating read."---Ken Whelan, Mooney Goes Wild, RTÉ Radio 1»

«Time for a real coffee-table book, one to dip into whenever you feel like plunging far beyond where scuba can take you. This, like Inshore Fishes above, is an offering from Princeton University Press, which has form in producing attractively produced books for divers to enjoy. . . . [The authors’] tone is scientific but always accessible, so it depends on how much deep information you want or need – the contents feel comprehensive – but for many of us it’s the photography that will be the main attraction."---Steve Weinman, Divernet ​​​​​​​»

«Strikingly beautiful . . . . Packed with images and illustrations of the life found in this dark and cold environment. . . . Whether you just love the ocean and want to learn more, or whether you are a budding marine biologist, this is a book that you are going to want to add to your bookshelf."---Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown​​​​​​​, Scubaverse»

«[This book] dissipates ignorance with superb colour photographs of astonishing organisms."---Andrew Robinson, Nature»

«Any individual unfamiliar with, but interested in, the deep sea should meet no challenges in learning much from this book."---S.R. Fegley, Choice»

«A fascinating visual account of one of the planet's last great frontiers. . . . [It] reveals the amazing diversity of undersea organisms.»

Outdoor Photography

"An outstanding book.""---Roy Stewart, British Naturalists Association

«[A] must read."---Geoff Carpentier, North Durham Nature Newsletter»

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