Portrait of an Unknown Lady - 
      Maria Gainza
      Thomas Bunstead

Portrait of an Unknown Lady

; Thomas Bunstead (Oversetter)

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«Gainza weaves a fascinating, often confounding story about beauty, obsession and authenticity... Gainza is sharp, modern and playful, a writer who multiples the possibilities of fiction»

, Observer


'There are many pleasures to be had in reading Portrait of an Unknown Lady: its sublime, transcendent sentences, its arch and shadowy figures. Most of all, the zone to which you are transported, which is a Buenos Aires of canvases, trap doors, and dreams'


«'Vividly detailed and saturated with intricate feeling, Gainza's novel is an engrossing exploration of authenticity, obsession, and the enveloping allure of art'»

«This is a truly exquisite novel... It is moving, clever and written wry precision... As much as the narrator is haunted, the reader will be haunted»

, Scotland on Sunday

«A richly detailed detective novel of sorts that explores authenticity and the distance between the way things appear and they way they really are»

, Monocle