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A true story of hope

«A masterpiece of holocaust literature. Her memoir, like her life, is extraordinary, harrowing and inspiring in equal measure»

The Times Literary Supplement

The incredible, bestselling memoir of survival, hope and empowerment Les mer

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The incredible, bestselling memoir of survival, hope and empowerment


Rider & Co
20 x 13 cm


«A masterpiece of holocaust literature. Her memoir, like her life, is extraordinary, harrowing and inspiring in equal measure»

The Times Literary Supplement

«Eger's remarkable spirit shines through in every word»


«Edith’s strength and courage are remarkable in this memoir as she draws on her own unthinkable experience in Nazi concentration camps to become a therapist and help others recover from all kinds of hardship. Her life and work are an incredible example of forgiveness, resilience and generosity.»

Sheryl Sandberg

«I can’t describe to you how powerful this book is … I barely have words.»

Marian Keyes

«There have been many heartrending Holocaust books. But few as powerful as this new memoir by a ballet dancer. »

Daily Mail

«Exceptional…Eger became a friend of Viktor Frankl…and The Choice is a wonderful companion piece to his classic memoir Man’s Search for Meaning. Both books are full of hope…and leave you marvelling at the resilience of mankind»

Daily Express

«One of the most incredible [stories] I’ve ever read – and one you must read too»


«It will inevitably be filmed. Read the book first»

The Observer & Guardian online

«Rocket-fuelled inspiration»


«Deeply moving...extraordinary insight...It is not surprising that, when Eger speaks, her audiences are roused to give her a standing ovation. For they are not only honouring Edith Eger but also the triumph of the human spirit.»

Jewish Chronicle

«Important...gripping...a universal message of hope.»

The Lucifer Effect

«A beautiful memoir, reminiscent of the great works of Anne Frank and Viktor Frankl. But it is more than a book—it’s a work of art. It gave me goosebumps, the kind that grace you in transcendent moments of appreciating a Mozart sonata, an Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet, or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel»

«Edith Eva Eger is my kind of hero. She survived unspeakable horrors and brutality; but rather than let her painful past destroy her, she chose to transform it into a powerful gift – one she uses to help others heal.»

«This warm, compassionate and truly extraordinary book is much more than a remarkable Holocaust survivor story. It is at heart an examination of the human spirit and how it can be helped to survive after trauma. Like Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, a more important book for our times is hard to imagine.»

The Bookseller

«Compelling and irresistible. A genuine, honest-to-goodness life-changer.»

Good Housekeeping



«Powerful ... hard to put down.»

Choice Magazine

«Comparisons to Man's Search for Meaning are natural but this work has the potential to be even more bold.»

«The distressed fabric of the author's traumatic past becomes a beautiful backdrop for a memoir written with integrity and conviction...A searing, astute study of intensive healing and self-acceptance through the absolution of suffering and atrocity.»

Kirkus Reviews

«I can’t imagine a more important message for modern times. Eger’s book is a triumph, and should be read by all who care about both their inner freedom and the future of humanity»

New York Times Book review

«Extraordinary….will stick with you long after you read it»

Bill Gates

«The Choice is a gift to humanity. One of those rare and eternal stories that you don't want to end and that leaves you forever changed. Dr. Eger's life reveals our capacity to transcend even the greatest of horrors and to use that suffering for the benefit of others. She has found true freedom and forgiveness and shows us how we can as well»

DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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