Software Engineering Research and Practice

Hamid R. Arabnia (Redaktør) ; Leonidas Deligiannidis (Redaktør) ; George Jandieri (Redaktør) ; Ashu M. G. Solo (Redaktør) ; Fernando G. Tinetti (Redaktør)

Includes topics such as: Software Engineering and Web Based Systems, Object Oriented Technology, SOA, Software Engineering and Management. Les mer
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Includes topics such as: Software Engineering and Web Based Systems, Object Oriented Technology, SOA, Software Engineering and Management.
Forlag: C. S. R. E. A.
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781601322869
Format: 28 x 20 cm

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Session: Software Engineering And Web Based Systems + Object Oriented Technology + SOA
1) A Web-based Visual Analytic System for Understanding the Structure of Community Land Model
2) Adding Semantic Web Technology to the Object-Oriented Method for Interoperability
3) Clustering Analysis for Object Formation in Software Modeling
4) Domain-Driven Model Inference Applied to Web Applications
5) AWeb Accessible for the Deaf and Blind People
6) Comparative Evaluation of Executable Modeling Languages for Object-Oriented Modeling Education
7) Effectiveness of Coupling Metrics in Identifying Change-Prone Object-Oriented Classes
8) Effective Representation of Object-oriented Program: The Key to Change Impact Analysis
9) Web Based Automated Workflow System for Employees. Welfare and Loan Scheme Using Lightweight Methodology
10) Towards a Formal Framework for Hybrid Analysis of Composite Web Services
11) Application of a Fuzzy Inference System to Measure Maintainability of Object-Oriented Software
Session: Software Engineering And Management + Diversity Issues
12) Females in Software Engineering Teams: A Social Sensitivity Perspective
13) Relational Metrics Model for Software Configuration Management
14) Modeling and Self-configuring Saas Application
Session: Software Architecture And Design Patterns + Process Mining + Autonomic Computing
15) A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place
16) Architecture and Design of Corrosion Prediction Software Multicorp
17) A Multi-Step Process Mining Approach Based on the Markov Transition Matrix
18) Self-optimization in Autonomic Computing Systems based on the Methodology of Bees Swarm Intelligence
19) Software Architecture Evolution in the Open World through Genetic Algorithms
Session: Energy Efficient Software Design, Requirements Engineering, Cost Estimation
20) Automation of Energy Performance Evaluation of Software Applications on Servers
21) Environment for Requirements Elicitation Supported by Ontology-Based Conceptual Models: A Proposal
22) Empirical Investigation of Systems Sost Estimation Models in the Limpopo Province of South Africa: A Requirement Modelling Problem
Session: Software Engineering And Safety, Software Quality, Error Checking, Testing Methods, Debugging Methods
23) UAH onTrack: Precision Navigation System for Research on The Software Safety Issues of Positive Train Control
24) Symbolic Model Checking Applied to Timing Diagrams
25) A Quality Assurance Approach to Technical Debt
26) Towards Automatic GUI Testing Using Task and Dialog Models
27) An Environment for Automatic Tests Generation from use Case Specifications
28) Experimental Evaluation of Hybrid Algorithm in Spectrum based Fault Localization
29) Prioritization of Artifacts for Unit Testing Using Genetic Algorithm Multi-objective Non Pareto
Session: Software Development Strategies, Agile Technology, Business Models, Reuse + Cloud And Tools
30) Contemporary Build Systems and Techniques for Improvement
31) A Survey of Building Robust Business Models in Pervasive Computing
32) Java Core API Migration: Challenges and Techniques
33) Decomposed Processes in Cloud BPM: Techniques for Monitoring and the use of OLC
34) A Comparative Study on Usage of Traditional and Agile Software Development Methodologies in Software Industry of Asia
35) The Position of Component Certification in CBSE Activities
36) The Size of Software Projects Developed by Mexican Companies
Session: Software Engineering And Applications And Related Issues + Education And Training
37) A Methodology for Development of Enterprise Architecture of PPDR Organisations
38) Positive Train Control: Concepts, Implementations, and Challenges
39) Proposal of Avatar Generation System based on Design According to Generation of Comic Character
40) Synchronous Gestures for Co-located collaboration on Multiple Mobile Devices
41) Using Formal Concept Analysis to Study Social Coding in GitHub
42) Development of a Mathematical Model for Designing Reliable Information Systems and its Properties
43) Proposal on Feeding Support Application Software based on Research into the Effect of a 'Fasting State' on 'Mental Alertness'
44) Game-Based Learning Development Process: An Exploratory Analysis of Game Development Companies in Brazil
45) Easel: Purely Functional Game Programming
46) Efficient and Effective Training in New Languages to Developers
47) An Experiment Comparing Easel with Pygame
48) Electronic Private Library Portal
Session: Posters
49) Does Domain Knowledge Increase Creativity during Requirements Development: An Empirical Study
50) Program Dependence Graph for Python's Dynamic Reference
51) Can We Make and Use Carbon-Copy Relationship to Recommend Developers to Fix Bug?
Session: Late Breaking Papers And Position Papers: Software Engineering Research And Practice
52) Formal Specification-Driven Development
53) Automatic High Performance Structural Optimisation for Agent-based Models
54) Source Code Control Workflows for Open Source Software
55) DIRCE - Design of Interaction and Elicitation of Requirements Focusing on the Communication and Exploration of Ideas: Experiences of Use in Content Creation Systems for Digital Television
56) Probabilistic Alias Analysis for Parallel Programming in SSA Forms
57) ExpTool: a Tool to Conduct, Package and Replicate Controlled Experiments in Software Engineering
58) Minimizing the Negative Impact of Emergent Properties in Component Based Complex Systems
59) Establishing Testbed for Functional Testing of Embedded System
60) The Case for an Open and Evolving Software Assurance Framework
Hamid R. Arabnia is Professor, Computer Science; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Elected Fellow, Int'l Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science.