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Around the World in 80 Years

A Life of Exploration

«Fiennes' rattling Boys' Own prose, which makes light of drama, is extremely readable»

Daily Mail
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Hodder & Stoughton
15 x 23 cm


«Fiennes' rattling Boys' Own prose, which makes light of drama, is extremely readable»

Daily Mail

«Always that little bit further and always the best. It is why, even to this day, I remain in awe at all he has accomplished.»

Bear Grylls

«His ground-breaking expeditions have redefined what is possible, but have also ignited a fire within the hearts of those seeking their own extraordinary journeys.»

Levison Wood

«That sunny March day on top of the Eiger represented the beginning of the end of our days climbing together. Looking at Ran's grizzly, bearded face, I was yet to realise what he had planted within me, but I knew it was there. As the mist rolled in, for a while it looked like we might be stuck, but I didn't mind at all. I simply had to channel my inner Ran.»

Kenton Cool

«His public persona is that of the intrepid man of action overcoming insuperable odds to achieve feats of superhuman endurance and danger. But with the children he was gentle, patient and kind.»

Monty Don

«Ran seeks out dangers because the experience of intense situations such as facing a polar bear or a heavy snowstorm, and his ability to overcome them, feels like a confirmation of his own vitality.»

Erling Kagge

«If an opportunity were to come again to step out of life . . . there is no question as to whom I would wish for a companion. I would go with Ran.»

Mike Stroud


No great experience in life is worth anything without overcoming your fears, I usually say when I give
talks. Then I think of Ran. I wanted to say how impressed I am that he just keeps going and never stops.


Borge Ousland

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