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Coffee First, Then the World

One Woman's Record-Breaking Pedal Around the Planet

«Simply astonishing. An astounding feat of physical and mental endurance, told with humour, humility and compassion. A gripping story… I couldn’t put it down

Kate Rawles, author of The Carbon Cycle
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Bloomsbury Sport
20 x 13 cm


«Simply astonishing. An astounding feat of physical and mental endurance, told with humour, humility and compassion. A gripping story… I couldn’t put it down

Kate Rawles, author of The Carbon Cycle

«Gripping, inspiring and remarkably down-to-earth.»


«I adored this book... I have no doubt it'll inspire so many to keep on pedalling - right through their fears and out the other side… Details of the mind-bending logistics of Jenny's self-supported journey around the planet are balanced beautifully with heart-warming tales of the kindness of strangers, descriptions of wild landscapes and (most importantly) where in the world to find the best cinnamon roll... Bravo, Jenny

Anna McNuff, author and adventurer

«Jenny Graham has been an inspiration to me for years. It's exciting to think how many more people will be inspired after reading her book.»

Emily Chappell, author and founder of The Adventure Syndicate

«Inspiring, funny and gripping, this is one of the best adventure books I’ve ever read.»

Vassos Alexander, sports presenter, endurance runner and author

«An astonishing achievement, recounted with humility and style.»

Ned Boulting, cycling broadcaster and author

«A riveting read.»

The Scotsman

«Jaw-droppingly impressive and compulsively readable.»

Felicity Cloake, Guardian columnist

«The meticulous account of [Jenny's] ride – filled with details about her struggle to eat well, maintain her bike, and keep it together mentally – provides an intimate look into an impressive accomplishment. This tale of endurance and determination inspires

Publisher's Weekly

«A breathtaking account of an extraordinary achievement


«Brilliant. Jenny Graham’s audacity, courage, tenacity and sense of humour shine through like a guiding light. It is utterly inspiring.»

Louise Minchin, broadcaster and author of Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women

«A glorious account of Jenny's adventure around the globefull of charm… I found myself rooting for her throughout her varying challenges in new cultures, with her slowly deteriorating body and in the internal resistance she so often triumphed over. A raw and incredibly relatable book which inspired me.»

Isla Short, mountain biker


«Characteristically buoyant, completely astounding...»

Adventure Cycling Association

«An inspiring memoir about fulfilling a childhood dream and becoming a record-breaking, round-the-world-cyclist.»

Foreword Reviews

«An entertaining and honest account of one very hard trip, unsurprising given that Jenny Graham always comes across as open to new experiences. She clearly delights in relating every new circumstance…whose enthusiasm and endearing charm (and/or goofiness) springs from every page of this excellent book.»

Pez Cycling News

«Excellent prose. Graham is a compelling writer…Her stories of the kindness shown by strangers and friends while on her solo endeavor are poignant. Her perseverance should be inspirational for younger athletes.»

Choice Magazine, the American Library Association

«Biking books never stimulated sweaty palms until I read Jenny Graham's Coffee First, Then the World… engaging storytelling…»

The Daily Herald, Chicago

«[Graham] is a great storyteller … Graham’s effusive good cheer and warm, evocative tone are a pleasure to experience… I suspect that randonneurs and non-cyclists alike will enjoy this special story as much I did.»

American Randonneur

«One can’t help but smile … One doesn’t have to be a cyclist, a fan of the sport or even know anything about a bike to enjoy this book. If the reader wants to get a first-hand account of a fantastic accomplishment by one woman with determination, then this is the book for them»

Sports Books Guy Blog

«An amazing adventure… I was left in total awe.»

Lorraine Kelly

«Brilliant... Brimming with wonderful observations and reflections, this takes pride of place on the adventure bookshelf.»

Mark Beaumont

«Jenny Graham tackles the world and shares her experiences of the brutal, elite world of endurance cycling with humour, honesty and humility.»

Alastair Humphreys, author and adventurer

«A compelling account of a truly remarkable achievement.»

Tim Moore, travel writer

«A rollercoaster ride... With a natural, chatty and engaging style that effuses who Jenny is, this is down-to-earth storytelling of her extraordinary ride... a reminder of what a positive mindset, daily intentions, the kindness of strangers and the love of friends enables even when very far away.»

Karen Darke MBE, Paralympic cyclist and author

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