Global 1968

Cultural Revolutions in Europe and Latin America

A. James Mcadams (Redaktør) ; Anthony P. Monta (Redaktør)

Global 1968 is a unique study of the similarities and differences in the 1968 cultural revolutions in Europe and Latin America.

The late 1960s was a time of revolutionary ferment throughout the world. Les mer
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Global 1968 is a unique study of the similarities and differences in the 1968 cultural revolutions in Europe and Latin America.

The late 1960s was a time of revolutionary ferment throughout the world. Yet so much was in flux during these years that it is often difficult to make sense of the period. In this volume, distinguished historians, filmmakers, musicologists, literary scholars, and novelists address this challenge by exploring a specific issue-the extent to which the period that we associate with the year 1968 constituted a cultural revolution. They approach this topic by comparing the different manifestations of this transformational era in Europe and Latin America.

The contributors show in vivid detail how new social mores, innovative forms of artistic expression, and cultural, religious, and political resistance were debated and tested on both sides of the Atlantic. In some cases, the desire to confront traditional beliefs and conventions had been percolating under the surface for years. Yet they also find that the impulse to overturn the status quo was fueled by the interplay of a host of factors that converged at the end of the 1960s and accelerated the transition from one generation to the next. These factors included new thinking about education and work, dramatic changes in the self-presentation of the Roman Catholic Church, government repression in both the Soviet Bloc and Latin America, and universal disillusionment with the United States. The contributors demonstrate that the short- and long-term effects of the cultural revolution of 1968 varied from country to country, but the period's defining legacy was a lasting shift in values, beliefs, lifestyles, and artistic sensibilities.

Contributors: A. James McAdams, Volker Schloendorff, Massimo De Giuseppe, Eric Drott, Eric Zolov, William Collins Donahue, Valeria Manzano, Timothy W. Ryback, Vania Markarian, Belinda Davis, J. Patrice McSherry, Michael Seidman, Willem Melching, Jaime M. Pensado, Patrick Barr-Melej, Carmen-Helena Tellez, Alonso Cueto, and Ignacio Walker.



List of Illustrations and Tables


1. Revolutionary 1968: Contending Approaches to an Elusive Concept, A. James McAdams

PART 1. Foundations

2. The Slow but Long Coming of a Cultural Revolution, Volker Schlo ndorff

3. Italian Catholics and Latin America during the "Long '68," Massimo De Giuseppe

4. Revolutionary Time and the Belatedness of Music in May '68, Eric Drott

5. Non-Alignment and Student Protest in 1968 Mexico, Eric Zolov

PART 2. Images of Change

6. Pressure-Release Valve or Cultural Catalyst? The Revolutionary Potential of The Legend of Paul and Paula in the German Democratic Republic, William Collins Donahue

7. Out of Place: Students, Workers, and the Politics of Encounter in Argentina, Valeria Manzano

8. Protest Rock in the Soviet Bloc: Prague, Spring 1968, Timothy W. Ryback

9. University Reform in Tumultuous Times: The Uruguayan Student Movement before and after 1968, Vania Markarian

10. What's in a Revolution? '68 and Its Aftermath in West Germany, Belinda Davis

PART 3. Reactions To Change

11. Chile 1960s: Intertwined Revolutions in Music and Politics, J. Patrice McSherry

12. The French Sixties and the Refusal of Work, Michael Seidman

13. Clash of the Icons: The Iconoclasm of the Image of the United States, Willem Melching

14. The Anonymous Dead of 1968 Mexico: A Comparative Study of Counterrevolutionary Violence and Protest with Uruguay and Brazil, Jaime M. Pensado

PART 4. Then And Now

15. A '68 chileno? Politics, Culture, and the Zeitgeist of '68, Patrick Barr-Melej

16. Arvo Pa rt:The Unexpected Profile of a Musical Revolutionary, Carmen-Helena Te llez

17. Words as Acts: A Literary Rebellion, Alonso Cueto

18. Reform or Revolution: Latin America's Dilemma in the "Long '68," Ignacio Walker

Om forfatteren

A. James McAdams is the William M. Scholl Professor of International Affairs at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of numerous books, including Vanguard of the Revolution: The Global Idea of the Communist Party.