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'A spectacular read for Donna Tartt and Tana French fans'

«Tana French fans will relish Kala's stylish prose and slowburn menace... An impressive debut»

Justine Jordan, Guardian, Best Summer Reads
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Atlantic Books
23 x 15 cm


«Tana French fans will relish Kala's stylish prose and slowburn menace... An impressive debut»

Justine Jordan, Guardian, Best Summer Reads

«With promised shades of Donna Tart and Tana French, this is the thriller of the moment»

The i Paper, Best Summer Reads

«A sizzling debut of nostalgia and secrets... With the strong group dynamic and the lingering promise of bloodshed, comparisons to Donna Tartt's The Secret History are justified. Kala is both a genuine page-turner and a profound meditation on memory and how it shapes our lives - how our past selves forever haunt the people we become»

Ruth Gilligan, Guardian

«A stonkingly good read, especially if you're looking for something gripping, pacy and plot-driven... This is a masterful reworking of the whodunnit, one you'll have immense difficulty putting down»

Lucy Sweeney Byrne, Irish Times

«Luminous, unforgettable... Gorgeous and lingering, Kala is not to be missed»

Alison Flood, Observer

«Compelling... Kala is an addictive read, with a pacy denouement - and explosive revelation - that's more than worth the wait.»

Claudia Rowan, Daily Telegraph

«A vividly spun web of a novel, in which allegiance, betrayal, complicity and the truth of what happened to Kala interweave... Walsh's pin-balling language seems to contain within it both the volatile ecstasy of being young, and the precipitous darkness that often accompanies it. A compulsive joy.»

Claire Allfree, Daily Mail

«The characters unfold beautifully on the page as the plot builds to breakneck speed. A mesmerising debut thriller wrapped in lyrical writing»

Woman & Home, Book of the Month

«This shimmering novel teems with tension and is so brilliantly executed it's hard to believe it's a debut»

The Bookseller, Editor's Choice

«I was kept awake until the birds were singing. What a story. I was riveted. It captures so much of the essence of the thrill and excitement of teenage summers, the wonderful optimism of youth and first loves, and the ease with which corruption and evil can take hold and thrive. This is a dazzling novel.»

Donal Ryan, Booker-listed author of The Queen of Dirt Island

«Kala is a thriller - and a lot more. It is exciting and cleverly structured, but its great strength is the characters: they are terrific.»

Roddy Doyle, the Booker Prize-winning author of Life Without Children

«Now here's a truly ambitious debut novel that purrs with narrative confidence - hugely engaging and thoroughly addictive.»

Kevin Barry, Booker-listed author of Nightboat to Tangiers

«Kala is so good. Skilfully assembled, suspenseful, brilliant about being a teenager and then of the difficult experience, as an adult, of going back home»

Sara Baume, author of Seven Steeples

«The very definition of page-turner, full of big personalities, rapid twists and unpredictable moments, cast both in vivid colour and deepest shadow. I tore through it.»

Lisa McInerney, author of The Rules of Revelation

«A compelling, moving novel... Simmering with darkness and rich with the accumulation of life»

Rebecca Watson, author of little scratch

«A debut novel of skill and fire, Kala crackles with passion as it depicts the urgent bonds of youth and the monsters that emerge when we peer into the past.»

Rob Doyle, author of Threshold

«Colin Walsh's debut is a heartbreaking story of love and lost youth that is at once tender and absolutely gutting. Psychologically rangy and ultimately riveting, Kala is a book you'll not just read and love, but lend to those you love»

Smith Henderson, author of Fourth of July Creek

«A slow burner that draws you in and spins you around until you don't know where you stand. It kept my heart pounding and my head guessing until the very end.»

Aingeala Flannery, author of The Amusements

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