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Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge

The most addictive Victorian gothic thriller of the year

«This is escapist fiction at its best. Grisly, addictive fun . . . I devoured it in 24 hours»

Emilia Hart, author of <i>Weyward</i>
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23 x 15 cm


«This is escapist fiction at its best. Grisly, addictive fun . . . I devoured it in 24 hours»

Emilia Hart, author of <i>Weyward</i>

«Brilliant! Every page is stuffed with adventure . . . A joyous, propulsive piece of writing from a truly talented writer»

Stuart Turton, author of <i>The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle</i>

«Thrilling, heartfelt and utterly compulsivea gripping adventure story and an intelligent, richly textured portrait of a moment in history . . . I loved it»

Emma Stonex, bestselling author <i>The Lamplighters</i>

«Adventurous and beautifully written, I loved the clever, propulsive storytelling and the wealth of historical detail . . . so accomplished, I thoroughly enjoyed it»

Rosie Andrews, author of <i>The Leviathan</i>

«Spellbinding . . . this is Victorian gothic at its very very best. I was hooked from the first page

Susan Stokes-Chapman, author of <i>Pandora</i>

«A taut and riveting adventure . . . The jaw-dropping cliffhangers mean it’s hard not to read it in a single sitting»


«Rip-roaring and guillotine-sharp - I couldn't tear myself away»

Ellery Lloyd, author of <i>The Club</i>

«Dark, thrilling & completely absorbing, MAUDE is glorious. Lizzie Pook taps into a centuries-long fascination with true crime taking us from the Arctic via gruesome hangings into Madame Tussaud’s. BRAVO!»

Nikki May, author of <i>Wahala</i>

«A riveting tale of a sister’s burning desire for revenge, the tension tightening like a hangman’s noose . . . atmospheric, gripping and beautiful - the execution of this novel is flawless»

Amy McCulloch, author <i>Breathless</i>

«A captivating historical thriller . . . I loved this page turning story of two sisters, a heartbreaking mystery, and a life-or-death quest»

Charmaine Wilkerson, author of <i>Black Cake</i>

«Exquisite . . . this novel is subversive, surprising and gothically tense. I can't wait to read whatever Pook writes next»

Sophie Haydock, author of <i>The Flames</i>

«Brilliant . . . Pook’s masterful pacing and meticulous attention to historical detail make this sing. Fans of Stuart Tarton’s high seas whodunits will be rapt»

Publisher's Weekly

«A spellbinding novel set in the frozen Arctic and in London during the height of murder mania…. Pook paints a macabre image of a time when death was often more valuable than life itself»


«Stellar . . . Pook once again weaves a rousing tale around the escapades of a bold, spirited, and cunning woman»


«A lush murder mystery, Pook is a master of suspense . . . an unforgettable, atmospheric thrill ride»

Adriana Trigiani, author of The Good Left Undone

«Showcases Victorian London in all its grisly, macabre glory - from the very first page this novel had me in its grip. First-class storytelling, simultaneously full of heart and dark as pitch»

Lianne Dillsworth, author of <i>Theatre of Marvels</i>

«Deliciously satisfying . . . a marvellous tonic of a novel, fizzing with adventure and brimming with darkness»

Polly Crosby, author of <i>Vita and the Birds</i>

«A delicious slice of gothic Victoriana - sumptuously written and packed with ice, bones and bodies»

Freya Berry, author of <i>The Dictator's Wife</i>

«A gloriously ghoulish Victorian tale of Arctic adventure, icy revenge & diabolical anatomicals . . . A gothic treat! Superb!»

Kate Griffin, author of <i>Fyneshade</i>

«A beautifully written, meticulously researched gem of a book»

Bridget Walsh, author of <i>The Tumbling Girl</i>

«Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge had me gripped in the icy maws of the Arctic, captivated by the gruesome murder tours of the 19th Century, and desperate to find out Constance's fate. This is historical fiction fiction at its absolute glorious best»

Louise Morrish, author of <i>Operation Moonlight</i>

«Tense and vividly atmospheric, with a determined, independent heroine intent on the truth. It’s beautifully written, unflinching and brimming with adventure. I loved the journey to a world I knew nothing about - it’s gloriously transporting»

Jennifer Saint, bestselling author of <i>Ariadne </i>on <i>Moonlight and the Pearler's Daughter</i>

«Gripping . . . an entertaining tale of adventure and dark goings-on»

Good Housekeeping

«A lively and engaging read»

The Times

«A rollicking historical adventure . . . a protagonist you’ll be rooting for from the first page to the last . . . terrific»

Criminal Element

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