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      Jessie Burton


From Jessie Burton, author of the million-copy international bestseller The Miniaturist, comes a glittering, seductive and utterly enthralling novel about art, identity, and the hidden power within us all . Les mer
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From Jessie Burton, author of the million-copy international bestseller The Miniaturist, comes a glittering, seductive and utterly enthralling novel about art, identity, and the hidden power within us all . . .
Forlag: Picador
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 464
ISBN: 9781447250975
Format: 20 x 13 cm
Winner of Specsavers Silver Bestseller Award 2018 UK. Short-listed for British Book Awards: Fiction Book of the Year 2017 UK. Long-listed for International Dublin Literary Award 2018 UK.

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«Those who loved The Miniaturist will find here all the cliffhangers, twists and heart-stopping revelations they expected, and in two evocative settings . . . as a study of female creativity, it triumphs»

Daily Telegraph

«Burton clearly has a way with words, crafting masterful, complex and atmospheric mysteries that keep the reader hooked right up until the very last page. The Muse is a brilliantly realised story and the parallel narratives are perfectly balanced, propelling the story forward at breakneck speed . . . An exhilarating read, Jessie Burton can expect more awards to soon be coming her way»

The Herald

«Tremendous vitality . . . her craftsmanship and surefooted prose ensure a satisfying conclusion»

Daily Mail

«Rich and gripping . . . excellently explores the writing process itself . . . Burton breathes life into her words»


«Burton's multi-layered story is never less than engaging . . . she has an undoubted gift for seizing the reader's attention and holding it . . . powerful . . . genuinely surprising»

Sunday Times

«Deftly plotted, a masterclass in pacing, tension and suspense, and richly characterised . . . exquisitely written, evocative and suspenseful»

Sunday Express

«Entertainingly patterned and possessed of a propulsive narrative force . . . inventive, intricate, surprising . . . Burton is also adept at generating atmosphere and a sense of place (both Spain and London are vividly realised) and she brings her characters' lives a degree of commitment, imaginative compassion and detail that brings them palpably and affectingly to life»

The National

«Impressive . . . It takes all the promise of The Miniaturist - the complex female characters, an entrancing mystery, a lush and evocative sense of place - and executes it with wit and style. My book of the summer»


«An intricate story of imposture . . . strong on the emotional and sensual . . . who would bet against it selling a million copies like its predecessor?»


«Readers who enjoyed The Miniaturist won't be disappointed»

The Times

«Richly atmospheric and engrossing . . . you'll turn the pages feverishly»

Daily Express

«Jessie Burton's gripping new novel follows a young London art-gallery employee whose discovery of a lost masterpiece draws her into the mystery surrounding its provenance»

Harper’s Bazaar

«A painterly writer with an eye for the telling detail . . . suspenseful . . . when the postman rang the doorbell bang in the middle of the denoument, I sprinted back up six flights of stairs to know who was going to get out of Arazuelo alive»

The Spectator

«Clever and complex, with a shocking climax . . . Seductive, exhilarating and suspenseful . . . a masterpiece»

Belfast Telegraph

«Delves deep into another world . . . the must-read of summer 2016»


«A deeply involving and thought-provoking read»

Woman & Home

«Another surefire bestseller»


«I found it to be one of the most powerful and beautiful and original things I have read in a very long time. It is exquisite in every way»

«A beautifully crafted, simmering love story»

Glamour (10 Best Novels of 2016)

«Jessie Burton’s The Muse is both elegant and as gripping as a thriller, even better than her first»

, Guardian
Jessie Burton is the author of the Sunday Times number one and New York Times bestsellers The Miniaturist and The Muse, and the children's book The Restless Girls. In its year of publication The Miniaturist sold over a million copies, and was adapted into a major TV series for BBC One. Her novels have been translated into thirty-eight languages, and she is a regular essay writer for newspapers and magazines. She lives in London.