Vango - Timothée de Fombelle


Between Sky and Earth

A gripping mystery-adventure about a desperate search for identity by critically acclaimed author, Timothee de Fombelle. Les mer
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A gripping mystery-adventure about a desperate search for identity by critically acclaimed author, Timothee de Fombelle.
Forlag: Walker Books Ltd
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 432
ISBN: 9781406330922
Format: 20 x 13 cm

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«A beautifully inventive adventure novel, this story reminds me of nothing more than the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo - but set in the 1900s and meant to be read by a younger audience. This is, by the way, the highest praise I can give to an adventure novel […] Vango has the same ingenuity, the same imagination, as Alexander Dumas's work, with a never-ending series of fantastic events that the incredibly talented main character negotiates with aplomb. […] It is de Fombelle's adept characterization that solidifies the real, poignant emotional underpinning of what might otherwise be a fluffy adventure novel.»

The Globally Curious

«Timothee De Fombelle, Vango: Between Sky and Earth, Independent – Author of mesmerising Toby Alone, the French novelist has now come up with yet another utterly distinctive adventure story. Expertly translated by Sarah Ardizzone, this tall but continually gripping tale is set in the 1930s in an atmosphere reminiscent of pre-war French cinema at its most romantic… Satisfyingly long, with a plot that flits between time zones but is always easy to follow, this is simply too good to miss, with a sequel promised next year.»

Timothee de Fombelle is a much-admired French playwright, as well as the author of award-winning fiction. His first series, Toby Alone and Toby Alone and the Secrets of the Tree has been printed in 27 languages and has won numerous awards including France's prestigious Prix Sorcieres and the Marsh Award. Timothee's adventure series, Vango, Book One: Between Sky and Earth and Vango, Book Two: A Prince Without a Kingdom received huge critical acclaim, and book one was granted an English Pen Award for translation. Timothee was also one of the writers who contributed to the acclaimed collection, The Great War: an Anthology of Stories Inspired by Objects from the First World War. Timothee lives in Paris, where he continues to write for the stage.

Sarah Ardizzone is one of the most sought-after translators working today. She has won several awards for her work, including the 2007 Scott-Moncrieff Prize for Just Like Tomorrow (Kif Kif Demain) by Faiza Guene and the 2005 Marsh Award for Eye of the Wolf (L'oeil du Loup) by Daniel Pennac, and the 2009 Marsh Award for the translataion of Toby Alone (Tobie Lolness) by Timothee de Fombelle. Sarah lives in London, SW2.