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Watching the English

The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour

«An absolutely brilliant examination of English culture and how foreigners take as complete mystery the things we take for granted.»

Jennifer Saunders, The Times

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The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour


Hodder & Stoughton
20 x 15 cm

Om forfatteren

Kate Fox, a social anthropologist, is Co-Director of the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford and a Fellow of the Institute for Cultural Research. She is also a bestselling author of popular social science.

Kate's other books include The Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers and Drinking and Public Disorder (co-author with Dr Peter Marsh).

Kate is regularly invited to speak at the major literary festivals, as well as guest lectures and seminars at universities, institutes, embassies, trade and professional conferences, etc. in the UK and overseas. She gave the Christmas Lecture at the Royal Geographical Society, and won a debate against Boris Johnson for Intelligence Squared, among other high-profile engagements. She is frequently quoted in the Press and interviewed on radio and television. Kate has also been a regular columnist for Psychologies magazine.

Kate is married to the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, CBE.


«An absolutely brilliant examination of English culture and how foreigners take as complete mystery the things we take for granted.»

Jennifer Saunders, The Times

«She has not only compiled a comprehensive list of English qualities, she has examined them in depth and wondered how we came to acquire them. Her book is a delightful read

Sunday Times

«I loved the section on mobile-phone etiquette. Shrewd...I liked the chapter on English humour. This is an entertaining, clever book. Do read it and then pass it on.»


«Kate Fox's brilliant idea is to treat the British as another tribe...where she's particularly astute is in examining the exact pattern of clichés. Any study of the English must cover our class obsession, and Fox deals with the subject thoroughly.»

Harry Mount, author of How England Made the English

«If you like this kind of anthropology (and I do) there is a wealth of it to enjoy in this book. Her observations are acute... fortunately she doesn't write like an anthropologist but like an English woman - with amusement, not solemnity, able to laugh at herself as well as us.»

Daily Mail

«Brilliant and hilarious»

Grayson Perry

«She is the only popular UK anthropologist of substance since the 1970s.»

Jeremy MacClancy, Professor of Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University

«She's a witty and eloquent writer whose accessible book reads as a scholarly classification of our shared codes of behaviour and an affectionate homage to our foibles.»


«It is consistently the most popular text I teach, not only because it's a hilarious page-turner but also because Fox offers truly insightful glimpses into what a sophisticated anthropological mindset can reveal about human cultural life . . . Watching the English embodies the anthropological credo of making the strange familiar and the familiar strange

Bianca Dahl, Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

«I read it cover to cover in a few days . . . very sharp and witty prose. It really is funny - the sort of humour that makes you laugh out loud on your own!»

Martin Parr, Vice

Medlemmers vurdering

Sunniva – 09.12.2005

– Jeg fikk anbefalt denne boken av en annen anglofil - og man bør nok være ganske anglofil for å virkelig kunne sette pris på denne boka. Det, samt at man bør ha et visst kjennskap til britisk dagligliv og omgangstone. For oss anglofile - da - gir denne boka oss mange aha-opplevelser; forklaringer, om man vil, på merkelige eller småpinlige episoder vi har opplevd med den britiske rase. Den forklarer hvorfor alle kikket rart på deg når du rakk ut hånden for å hilse på en ukjent, hvorfor man gløttet skjevt på hverandre når du kom på seminaret med hettegenser og joggesko, eller snek i køa (gudene forby!) på supermarkedet. Artig stoff, med andre ord, men dessverre noe langtekkelig. Forfatterens konstante diskusjon (og unnskyldning) i forhold til antropologi-faget blir kjedsommelig allerede andre gangen. På den andre siden gjør den stadige unnskyldningen boka bare enda mer britisk.

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