Landscapes of Leisure - 
      S. Gammon
      S. Elkington

Landscapes of Leisure

Space, Place and Identities

S. Gammon (Redaktør) ; S. Elkington (Redaktør)

«<p>"This book on space, place, and landscape covers considerable new ground in the under-studied area of space and leisure. Here space and place are linked in the over-arching framework of landscape, where the first two are sometimes disconnected and incompatible and other times well-linked in notable harmony. Today's spatial landscape is protean, a product of the contemporary world of rapid change occurring over vast geographic areas. These chapters look into the uncertainties, complexities, and disturbances of the modern landscape to produce a major advance in non-essentialist thinking about space-related leisure."</p> <p>- Professor Robert Stebbins, University of Calgary, Canada</p>»

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Forlag: Palgrave Macmillan
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 238
ISBN: 9781137428523
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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1. Introduction Reading Landscapes: Articulating a non-essentialist Representation of Space, Place and Identity; Sam Elkington and Sean Gammon 2. Unravelling Space and Landscape in Leisure's Identities; David Crouch 3. Disturbance and Complexity in Urban Places: The Everyday Aesthetics of Leisure; Sam Elkington 4. The Social Dynamics of Space Constructions and Leisure Lifestyles; Anna Cunha Pereira and Jonathan Long 5. Zombie Places? Pop Up Leisure and Re-Animated Urban Landscapes; Brett D. Lashua 6. Last Resting places? Recreational spaces? Or Thanatourism attractions? The Future of Historic Cemeteries and Churchyards in Europe; Tony Seaton, Magda North and Gabriela Gajda 7. Animating Public Space; Troy D. Glover 8. Sport Tourism finding its Place?; Sean Gammon 9. Youth Leisure, Places, Spaces and Identity; Joan Abbott-Chapman and Margaret Robertson 10. Phenomenology and Extreme Sports in Natural Landscapes; Eric Brymer and Robert Schweitzer 11. Seasideness: Sense of Place at a Seaside Resort; David Jarratt 12. Savouring Leisure Spaces; Jaime Kurtz and Erik Simmons 13. Weaving Place Meanings into Outdoor Recreation Sustainability: The Case of the Niagara Glen; Garrett Hutson and Ryan Howard 14. Distant at Your Leisure: Consuming Distance as a Leisure Experience; Gunvor Larsen 15. The Lure of the Countryside: The Spiritual Dimension of Rural Spaces of Leisure; Deborah Jepson 16. Performing Leisure, Making Place: Wilderness Identity and Representation in Online Trip Reports; Daniel Williams and Joseph Champ
Sean Gammon is Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. He has been actively researching in the area of sport tourism for three decades; primarily focusing on sport tourist customer motivation, and nostalgia and heritage. He is co-editor, with Sam Elkington, of Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure (2014).

Sam Elkington is Senior Lecturer in Sport Management at Northumbria University, UK. Sam's research reflects his interests in philosophical and social psychological dimensions of space and place, as well as theorising various aspects of the Serious Leisure Perspective. He is co-author of The Serious Leisure Perspective: An Introduction (with Robert Stebbins, 2014).