Sounds and the City - 
      B. Lashua
      K. Spracklen
      S. Wagg

Sounds and the City

Popular Music, Place and Globalization

B. Lashua (Redaktør) ; K. Spracklen (Redaktør) ; S. Wagg (Redaktør)

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Forlag: Palgrave Macmillan
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 323
ISBN: 9781349448906
Utgave: 1st ed. 2014
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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Introduction: Sounds and the City; Brett Lashua, Stephen Wagg, and Karl Spracklen 1. Heart of the Country? The Construction of Nashville as the Capital of Country Music; Diane Pecknold 2. Birmingham's Post-Industrial Metal; Deena Weinstein 3. Black and Brown Get Down: Cultural Politics, Chicano Music, and Hip-Hop in Racialized Los Angeles; Anthony Macias 4. Juidos 'n' Decaf Italians: Irony, Blasphemy, and Jewish Shtick; Steven Lee Beeber 5. 'Why I Decided to Pretend I was American, I Will Never Know': Rock 'n Roll and 'The Sixties' in an English Town; Stephen Wagg 6. Tamla-Motown in the UK: Transatlantic Reception of American Rhythm and Blues; Andrew Flory 7. 'How Many Divisions Does Ozzy Osbourne Have?' Some Thoughts on Politics, Heavy Metal Music and the 'Clash of Civilisations'; Stephen Wagg 8. Indieglobalization and the Triumph of Punk in Indonesia; Jeremy Wallach 9. Sounds of a 'Rotting City': Punk in Russia's Arctic Hinterland;Hilary Pilkington 10. True Norwegian Black Metal: The Globalized, Mythological Reconstruction of the Second Wave of BM in 1990s Oslo; Karl Spracklen 11. Continental Drift: The Politics and Poetics of African Hip-Hop; Paul Kahlil Saucier 12. 'One Day On Earth': Music, Documentary Filmmaking, and Global Soundscapes; Brett Lashua and Joseph Minadeo 13. Intersecting Rhythms: The Spatial Production of Local Canadian Heavy Metal and Urban Aboriginal Hip-Hop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Karen M. Fox and Gabrielle Riches 14. Reconstruction's Soundtrack; Eric Porter 15. We're Going to Graceland: Globalisation and the Reimagining of Memphis; Wanda Rushing 16. Characterising the Cold War: Music and Memories of Berlin, 1960-1989; John Schofield 17. Outback Elvis: Musical Creativity in Rural Australia; John Connell and Chris Gibson 18. In Search of 'Independent' Brisbane: Music, Memory and Cultural Heritage; Andy Bennett and Ian Rogers Afterword: Reflections on Popular Music, Place and Globalization; Stephen Wagg, Karl Spracklen, and Brett Lashua
Steven Lee Beeber, Lesley University, USA

Andy Bennett, Griffith University, Australia

John Connell, University of Sydney, Australia

Andrew Flory, Carleton College, USA

Karen Fox, University of Alberta, Canada

Chris Gibson, University of Wollongong, Australia

Anthony Macias, University of California, USA

Joseph Minadeo, PatternBased Music, USA

Diane Pecknold, University of Louisville, USA

Hilary Pilkington, University of Manchester, UK

Eric Porter, University of California, USA

Gabrielle Riches, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Ian Rogers, Griffith University, Australia

Wanda Rushing, University of Memphis, USA

P. Kahlil Saucier, Rhode Island College, USA

John Schofield, University of Turku, Finland

Jeremy Wallach, Bowling Green State University in Ohio, USA

Deena Weinstein, DePaul University, USA