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How Rewilding is Transforming Conservation and Changing the World

«An accessible introduction to animal rewilding projects for a general audience.»

C. L. Johnson, Choice Magazine
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Bloomsbury Sigma
22 x 14 cm


«An accessible introduction to animal rewilding projects for a general audience.»

C. L. Johnson, Choice Magazine

«Millie Kerr is the perfect guide to take us on a tour of the rewilding landscape. Her deep personal connection with nature and meticulous research inform a story of hope featuring a cast of fascinating characters (both human and animal). Wilder is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of conservation

Lucy Cooke, author and broadcaster

«Millie Kerr gives us a vivid portrait of the people and ideas shaping rewilding. In coming decades, there will be no more important cause. Traditional conservation is no longer enough; now we must rewild the world.»

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods

«Rewilding wisdom guides Millie Kerr's voyage around pioneering eco-projects.»

Country & Town House

«Just as each species has its niche, so we too can – and must – find our own way into rewilding ourselves and the world around us. This book is a compelling and at times personal guidebook for that journey.»

Geographical magazine

«Millie Kerr's Wilder stands apart from the pack … it's dedicated to sharing the positives and successes of animal reintroductions, and Kerr’s personal narratives are just one reason why it is a very readable and enjoyable tale.»

New Scientist

«There are many rewilding programs in many countries, and Kerr navigates this complex world, using stories to shine light on the heroic people fighting to restore endangered or locally extinct species to protected environments. A must-read for those concerned about biodiversity loss

Dr Jane Goodall

«Wilder is a book about the destruction people create and the good we can do with the right heart and resources.»


«A real eye-opener for what could be achieved in Britain.»

Rewilding Britain

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