International Arbitration in Korea - 
      Joongi Kim

International Arbitration in Korea

International Arbitration in Korea provides a comprehensive introduction to more than 140 arbitral cases and commentaries in Korea and introduces the arbitration community to the jurisprudence and scholarship of this underappreciated but well developed jurisdiction. Les mer
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International Arbitration in Korea provides a comprehensive introduction to more than 140 arbitral cases and commentaries in Korea and introduces the arbitration community to the jurisprudence and scholarship of this underappreciated but well developed jurisdiction. The book encompasses all the major current and historical arbitration cases in Korea alongside practical and scholarly commentary.

In keeping with the growth of international arbitration in Asia, Korea is emerging as an alternative centre of arbitration and the number of international arbitration cases involving Korean parties is on the increase. In 2016 the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) reported record growth in the number of arbitration cases it administered, and Korea's Arbitration Act as well as KCAB's own International Rules were both amended. International Arbitration in Korea is both the first
book in English to cover the most significant arbitration cases in Korea and the first to take account of these latest amendments.

The book is an essential international arbitration resource and reference that will be attractive to academics, arbitrators, jurists, students, practitioners, in-house counsel, and researchers.
Forlag: Oxford University Press
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780198755432
Format: 25 x 19 cm

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«Professor Kim's book is an essential reference for anyone wishing to understand Korean jurisprudence affecting international arbitration. It is a substantial work that seems to present a highly complete picture in a single volume. The books objective is not to give a treatise-like examination of the topics considered, but rather to supply helpful issue-framing commentary and case opinions that speak for themselves. Given this approach, the overall integrity of the book is surprisingly good: the interior arrangement of each chapter and sequencing of the case excerpts is thoughtfully and effectively undertaken and the transitional material is quite adequate to keep the reader alerted to the issue being examined.»

Prof. Jack Coe, Pepperdine Law School, ICSID Review

«I highly recommend Professor Kim's book for any student, lawyer or arbitrator with an interest in arbitration in Korea. It is, without doubt, the most complete and comprehensive treatment in the english language of Korean case law relating to arbitration.»

Benjamin Hughes, Seoul National University, Asian Dispute Review

«Authored by Joongi Kim writing from Seoul, this very readable and intriguing new title from the Oxford University Press explores with scholarly thoroughness the development and the current realities of dispute resolution in a country that in no more than fifty or so years, has raised itself from abject poverty to economic pre-eminence in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.»

Elizabeth Taylor and Phillip Taylor, MBE, Richmond Green Chambers

«This book, by a distinguished Korean academic and international arbitration practitioner, is a critically needed resource on international arbitration in Korea ... an essential resource on the legal framework for international arbitration in a jurisdiction of increasing significance to the international arbitral process.»

Gary Born, WilmerHale from the Foreword to International Arbitration in Korea

«The text is easily read and offers practitioners comprehensive commentaries on arbitration jurisprudence in one of the largest jurisdictions in Asia. Kim affords a unique understanding of the sophisticated and well-developed arbitration case of law, contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of the practice of arbitration in Korea.»

Caroline Dos Santos

«There has been relatively little written in English on arbitration in South Korea ... this gap is now filled by Joongi Kim's fascinating new book. Professor Kim has provided insightful commentary on each of the topics. Covering almost `150 cases ... the book is comprehensive ... I predict that the first edition will become a standard reference for all those involved in Korean arbitration.»

Mark Goodrich, White & Case, The Law Society Gazettte.
1. Introduction to Arbitration in Korea ; 2. Arbitration Agreement ; 3. Parties ; 4. Arbitral Tribunal ; 5. Applicable Law ; 6. Arbitration Procedure ; 7. Role of Courts and Law Regarding Counsel ; 8. Award ; 9. Annulment and Enforcement ; 10. Future of Arbitration ; Appendices
Joongi Kim is Professor of Law and Vice President for International Affairs at Yonsei University, Seoul, and Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Law. He has taught as a visiting professor at Georgetown, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Florida. He serves on the panel of arbitrators for the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement, Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, Global Green Growth Institute and ICSID as well as CAA, CIETAC, CRCICA, DIAC, HKIAC,
JCAA, KCAB, KLRCA, PIAC, SCIA, SHIAC, SIAC and VIAC. He sits as an editorial board member for International Investment Law and Arbitration and the Asian Journal of Comparative Law in addition to serving as a Vice Chair of the ICC Korea International Arbitration Committee and Korean Council for
International Arbitration.